Some of the reasons for India’s failure in Olympics 2016

From a general point of view, people tend to say that our system failed in providing the necessary service to the players. Well yes, I believe our system does lack experts, trainers, equipments, finance etc. of international standard to achieve success in Olympics. But there’s more than just a system fault that goes behind a failed outcome.

Our players/athletes lack a little bit of professionalism. They have immense talent and they work very hard but it still remains lesser when it comes to big occasions like Olympics. The determination to dominate the world by a strategic planned schedule and training is not seen in all our athletes.

Also one more core reason is that our country hasn’t really come out of old ideologies completely. We do not actually prefer sports career. We feel it lacks security but it doesn’t. In fact if your child has interest in a particular sport from a very early age, it’s the best stage to start his training from that point. In a matter of years, he may well master that sport.

One more small reason I feel to some extent is that we people tend to give a ‘celebrity’ feeling to our players who has just began to achieve success in his/her respective field. I mean of course there should be appreciation, but that shouldn’t go to a point where the athlete feels satisfied and stops his hunger for more success.

In all, it’s of course easier said than done so we hope our country with such a huge and productive human resource will surely be able to achieve more success in future global events like Olympics.

-Parth Choksi


Missing Link

Mighty continuous chain made up of small packs,

Arranged alike the books in all the racks.

The source of knowledge, knowledge of experiences,

Information leaks out, and the live clenches.


Into the old world, where letters are chats.

Into the new world, where bombs are nuclear jets.

A small link, having larger impact,

Was made the life’s defect.


Running after the easy material than difficult abstract,

Was running for doomsday, to be exact.

Targeting short jumps than longer leaps,

Was targeting the heart monitors to go off – beep.


A life, the most precious of all that can be obtained,

Do nothing worth history, definitely makes it blot stained.

A couple decades until the old age with those wrinkle fold,

A couple years until the four limbs at the home crawled.


Link to all is, there’s only one life, one chance,

It’s not to stand idle, but till the last-breath dance.

Heart and Brain, Soul and Mind, the Missing Links,

Complete the puzzled life, before the permanent Time-out blinks!

-Miral Shah

Bollywood’s Shahenshah on his 74 th birthday


Amitabh Bachchan, the most monitored, adored and also preyed upon actor in the files of Indian cinema, has retained his equanimity, cool and of course, nuclear stong star power. On the superstar’s 74th birthday, here we have one of his conversations with senior journalist and film critic Khalid Mohamed, which was first published in Hindustan Times:

You keep getting feted with honours/ Are you surprised?
Accolades have always surprised me. I’m never convinced that I deserve them. Somebody somewhere thinks otherwise. So, I’m truly grateful and acknowledge these wonderful gifts with humility and pride.  God has been kind, my parents’ prayers have been with me. The unconditional love of the people has been overwhelming.

No artist can truly digest criticism. Down the years, have you become immune to criticism? Is it a necessary evil or essential?
Criticism is essential. Without it we would all be flying aimlessly, knowing not where to go! It provides an alternate perspective, a viewpoint, which we in our exalted condition. And why just in professions? Criticism even in personal and intimate relationships is most welcome and valuable. It helps evaluation constantly that’s essential for any progress.

Yes criticism is hurtful at times. But dealing with it and accepting it is a far greater accomplishment. People will remember when you fall of a horse, but admire you — when  you get up and ride again. So criticism can be inspirational. That’s marvellous isn’t it? To be able to use a negative situation for positive ends. So, I thank critics and value criticism. I digest them, I’m never immune to them. There is some hidden goodness in them which we must all search. If after searching you disagree with it, get out there and disprove it.

Has any piece of criticism really upset you? Do you read film criticism?
Giving you a specific incident would defeat the purpose. Yes I read all film criticism religiously and yes it has altered from the earlier years. Earlier it was sedate and somewhat reserved in its comment.

The times were such. Media was not such a vast and vibrant entity as it is today. Competition was not as fierce. How to attract eyeballs and ears to your channel, to your paper, to your station is a phenomenal exercise in this country. The desire and drive to accomplish that, coerces managements to devise new methods and techniques.

In this pursuit, codes of conduct and ethics are not necessarily adhered to. I admire the guts of some media that does self-analysis and corrective criticism. But at the end of the day it is a free world we live in, and how fortunate we are that we do. It’s absolutely joyous to be able to have a platform for free expression and it’s equally joyous to have the freedom to disagree with it.

I would be lying if I were to admit that a particular criticism has not upset me. It has. And yes I shall admit that at times I have felt that it has been unfair. But what it was and at what phase, is for me to know and deal with. I would not want that to become public property.

You have been tolerant of the media, saying it is performing its job. But hasn’t your private life become a hunting ground, especially for the electronic media?
Tolerant? By using this word you pay me huge compliment and put me on a pedestal. I am not worthy of it. You attribute saintly qualities to me as if I am some divinity (haha)!  But seriously, yes, I do believe that the media has a job to do, and so it must. I tell this to Abhishek, while trying to educate him on this aspect. I’m proud that he has diligently followed what we as a family strongly believe in. That the media is the conscience of the nation.

Credibility and truth is their creed, a rare quality in today’s times. Just as you wish others to respect your job, respect theirs as well. They’re not some giant ogres out to devour you. You have a job to do, they have a job to do. They are not your enemies. Treat your camera, your script, your character in it, your dialogue, your dance as your enemies. Fight them and win over them and you will win over the media.

My private life as a hunting ground for the media? Listen, if you enact public activities, they are no longer private. The air does not belong to me or my ancestors. Media has the democratic right to cover, to intervene, to speculate and pass opinion. Just as it is our democratic right to respond to it or not. This is personal choice.

With hundreds of TV channels, what do you expect? They need to feed the monster they have adopted. The desire of the masses know about the private lives of public figures is insatiable. You want your private life to be private don’t do anything publicly, or stop being a celebrity! End of argument!

Are you indifferent, hurt or annoyed when OB vans are parked outside your home?
I have not objected to OB vans parked outside my house. That is not my personal property. They can do what they like. I would object if they entered my drawing room uninvited, purely because it would be impossible to accommodate this rather large vehicle within the somewhat restricted confines of a room!

How do you maintain your cool in face of intrusion?
I missed this report and the astrologer on television – it’s tough keeping track of 200 channels. My director of the day, did mention it to me. In fact he told me he was quite impressed by its content and its presentation.

Maintaining one’s cool is quite simple – have a glass of cold water!

Obviously, you will never re-enter politics again…but there will always be controversies. A definitively final word on this?
(Laughs)  No politics.

When did you last laugh out loud?
I just did at your last question.

-Karnavee Kamdar

Surgical Strike

army-7592India claimed to have made “surgical strikes” against militant bases in Pakistani-held territory on September 29, claiming to have killed 9 Pakistani soldiers and up to 50 militants. According to Indian officials, soldiers targeted areas near the Line of Control (LoC). Initially, artillery were fired across the frontier, in order to provide cover to commandos and para-commandos (special force). Army source stated that special forces team traveled 1 to 3 kms on foot along with grenades and rocket launchers. Firstly there was a debate on whether the government should publish videos or photographic evidence of the strike after Pakistan claimed that no such strike had taken place.

Midnight Action

2 A.M
In cover of total darkness, para commandos took down launch pads with explosives, shoulder fired rocket launchers and grenades. Indian posts along the Line of Control had provide firing  to support teams operating across the border.

4:30 – 8 A.M
Para Commando teams exited combat zone under the cover of fire. Two Indian soldiers injured in the firing but all were safely evacuated to the Indian side of the LoC.

10 A.M
Political leadership briefed in detail on the action, decision taken by PM Modi to make the raids public. Pakistani DGMO informed about the strikes along the LoC, told that target was terror, not Pakistani military.

12 Noon
Indian army announced that had conducted surgical strikes in PoK to take down terror launch pads.

New Delhi: Director General Military Operations (DGMO), Ranbir Singh salutes after the Press Conferences along with External Affairs Spokesperson Vikas Swarup, in New Delhi on Thursday. India conducted Surgical strikes across the Line of Control in Kashmir on Wednesday night. PTI Photo by Shirish Shete (PTI9_29_2016_000022B) *** Local Caption ***

Officials said that the strike, carried out by at least two para commando units, targeted seven launch pads and were planned over the past week. The Director – General of Military Operations, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh, informed his Pakistani counterpart of the strike with an assurance that the target was terror infrastructure and not the Pakistani establishment. India announced the strikes after the CCS meeting on Thursday morning, where the army briefed the political leadership on the details of the mission.

A range of briefings on the strikes took place through the day, with the President, Vice-President, former PM Manmohan Singh and the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and Governor informed about the details. India also briefed the envoys of 25 nations.

While the number of causalities is not immediately known, it is estimated that 30-35 terrorists were at the locations targeted by special forces. Late on Thursday evening, India confirmed that a soldier belonging to an anti-infiltration unit had inadvertently crossed over the other side of LoC. After reports in Pakistani media that an Indian soldier had been apprehended, officials said the jawan from 37 Rashtriya Rifles had indeed crossed over. The Indian side, however, rubbished Pakistani reports that eight Indian Army personnel had been killed.

Kabaddi World Cup 2016

kabbadi-2“Kabaddi”, a game developed in India was rarely in talks until now. But with the advent of “Pro Kabaddi League” the scenario is completely changed. More and more people are getting involved with this game because of the game’s thrill and excitement. With cricket, tennis and football being the centre sports in our country, Kabaddi has rightfully attained the place of centre sport in couple of years.

Kabaddi, like every other sport has a World Cup. This time the World Cup is held in the city of Ahmedabad, the Manchester of India. It kicked off on October 7th, 2016. The newly constructed Trans Stadia stadium is the venue for the World Cup. The arena is first-of-its-multipurpose stadium of the country supporting 12 different indoor sports. The trophy of the recent World Cup was inaugurated by the new CM of Gujarat, Honorable Shree Vijay Rupani.

The 2016 Kabaddi World Cup would see 12 teams competing with each other in a round robin and knockout format. The 12 teams have been divided into two pools of six team each, with Pool A having teams India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Australia, England, Argentina and Pool B having Iran, Thailand, Japan, USA, Poland, Kenya. Neighbour and arch rival Pakistan, not being included, the only threat to India would be Iran. The Iranian players like Meraj Sheykh, Hadi Oshtorak and Fazel Atrachali have all shown their worth in Pro Kabaddi.

In Kabaddi India holds the record for most international World Cup. With 2 World Cups recognized by World Kabaddi Federation, India has won both. With the current Indian team lead by “The Captain Cool Anup Kumar” India is the favourite to win the cup.  The team consists an all-round balance with both young and experienced players.


Sr No. Player Name Position
1 Anup Kumar(c) Raider
2 Rahul Chaudhary Raider
3 Deepak Hooda Raider
4 Pardeep Narwal Raider
5 Jasvir Singh Raider
6 Ajay Thakur Raider
7 Mohit Chillar Defender
8 Surendar Nada Defender
9 Surjeet Singh Defender
10 D Cheralathan Defender
11 Kiran Parmar Defender
12 Manjeet Chillar All Rounder
13 Nitin Tomar All Rounder
14 Sandeep Narwal All Rounder


In the raiding department there are in form players like Rahul and Pardeep who showed their class in PKL season 4. There are high hopes from Rahul who was the leading raider in PKL 4 with 146 raid points. Anup Kumar with his toe touch is even a threat to opposition. Not only that, he even showed his defending skills in the last season of PKL. With all rounders like Manjeet Chillar and Sandeep Narwal the team becomes more versatile because of more options in defense and raiding. For defenders, the duo of Mohit Chillar and Surendar Nada comes first. Though both of them were out of form last season of PKL, they are still formidable. With Anup leading the team, he knows the best way to utilize the defenders duo as seen in the first three seasons of PKL. With the semis on 21 and final on 22 October, we eagerly await for India to win the Cup and Anup Kumar proving his nickname “The Captain Cool” and even adding one more glory to India and of course to himself. So as slogan of the World Cup let’s cheer all teams and say

“The World Is Ready To Raid”


Pool A

Rank Team T W L P
1 India 3 2 1 11
2 Republic Of Korea 2 2 0 10
3 England 2 1 1 5
4 Bangladesh 2 1 1 5
5 Australia 3 1 2 5
6 Argentina 2 0 2 0

Pool B

Rank Team T W L P
1 Iran 3 3 0 15
2 Japan 2 2 0 10
3 Kenya 2 1 1 6
4 Thailand 2 1 1 5
5 Poland 3 0 3 1
6 USA 2 0 2 0

In the opening match it was the defending champion India take on Republic Of Korea. In this last minute game Korea defeated the champs by 2 points. After the initial defeat, India crushed the next two opponents Australia and Bangladesh by 34 and 37 respectively.  Iran and Korea be the two undefeated teams of the tournament.

In raiding section England’s Temi Tope Adewalure leads. David Shilisia J Mosambayi of Kenya is at second position and Ajay Thakur of India at third.

For defence, Australia’s Jasvir Singh leads the rankings. Iran’s Fazel Atrachali is second while India’s Manjeet Chillar at third place.

In the upcoming matches, India would be playing Argentina and for the last group match against England.
Note:- The point table and the player point rankings are taken in reference till Argentina VS Australia match that is till 12 October,2016.

– Bhavin Soneji

Watch Dogs 2

download-1Watch Dogs is an open world action-adventure Video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal & Published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. And this game is sequel with Watch Dogs, launched in 2014. And this new Watch Dogs 2 game will launch worldwide on 15th November 2016.

This game is a Third Person and the world is navigated on foot or by vehicle. In the game the player has to play as the character named Marcus Holloway who works with the hacking group DedSec to take down the city’s ctOS 2.0, an advanced surveillance system. And the best experience in this game can take by playing the Co-operative multiplayer mode. So the player can join with all other players in worldwide enroll in various types of activities.

Gameplay Screenshot:


In the game the player will get various types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorbikes, quad bikes & boats. The players can shoot while driving. Here, Marcus is having improved acrobatic skills and has the ability to parkour around the city. The game upgrade systems also return with items being divided into three categories: Stealth, Aggressor and Trickster.

Player can hack into various electronic devices connected to the ctOS system with his in game smartphone. For example, he can modify the personal information of non- player characters to have them arrested. He also can hack traffic lights, cars, CCTV cameras. Also he can do the Mass-Hacking the electronic devices of a large group of people. And he is having a quadcopter and remote controlled car designed for hacking. He can maintain his own fashion style by choosing designs from over 700 of collection.

Official Trailer:

Cinematic Reveal:

Gameplay Walkthrough:

– Pubudu Channa Harischandra

Vedanta Reboot 2k16

The chartreuse binge all over the department made justice to the theme ‘Go Green!’ of the second chapter of the signature event Vedanta organized by the Novateur Commune of Computer Engineering Department of V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot. Both the participants and organizers yet again proved their mettle in the event by making it a grand success. Even more than last time.

The event was organized on 1st October, 2016 at Computer Engineering Department under the heads Parekh Parth, Kamothi Juhil and Shah Shivani under the mentorship of Patadia Purna and Kiyada Sudev with the guidance of Prof.Girish Mulchandani. The participants started contributing to the entropy from 8 in the morning. The event was inaugurated by the chief patron Shri Pravinbhai Maniar. The event included various sub events like Encode – a coding platform for the programmers, Decode – a modern day aptitude based treasure hunt, Pseudoflow – an event of a kind where programmers guess the data structures that they can correlate to a movie scene, IPL Auction – an auction type event of IPL players, Beg,Borrow,Steal – a speed based requirement satisfaction type event along with other events like Project Presentation, LAN gaming and on-the-spot one minute games. Project presentation was judged by external experts of the computer field – Mr.Rakshit Menpara and Mr.Yagnesh Tatmiya. Also one-minute games like Paper Dance, Selfie Le Le Re, etc were the showstoppers of the event.

‘Vedanta Reboot’ showcased decoration which encouraged youth to participate in saving the environment. It included various posters on nature and 3D painting. Another main attraction of the event was Chroma key green screen. Also saplings were planted by the students to make the day more auspicious and spread the message of tree plantation.

Along with the main event ‘Vedanta Reboot’, organizers also planned another surprise event by the name ‘Vedanta Elite’. As the name says, it was organized specially for the entertainment between students and faculty members by including them together in various small events. As the events came to an end at 3 pm, both students and faculty members joined at courtyard for the garba. The day ended finally at 6 pm with students getting the most of the enjoyment they can. The head of the department, Prof.Tejas Patalia dedicated the success of the event to the team of the organizers of the event saying, “I am nothing without my team!”.


                                                                    The Team!!

– Sudev Kiyada

The Big Clash This Diwali


Ajay Devgn humongous project Shivaay is all set to clash with Ranbir Kapoor’s love saga Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Shivaay features Ajay Devgn, Sayyeshaa Saigal, and Erika Kaar in lead roles  action thriller film directed and produced by Ajay Devgn. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil features Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma in lead role romantic drama film written and directed by Karan Johar .

Shivaay Controversy:

While one expected a healthy battle between the two, things got ugly when Ajay Devgn accused Karan Johar of bribing Kamal R Khan to spread negativity about his film. The makers of both the films have released their promotional material and the response, so far, has been mixed for both the parties.

Music On Shivaay and Ae Dil he Mushkil:

Both the films released their title tracks and one another song. Now we are talking about title track Adhm get the full benefit of Adhm title track as i mentioned above while Shivaay title track is good but Adhm far better than Shivaay title track. Come to the second song Adhm released Bulleya Song and Shivaay released Darkhast song. Bulleya was good but this time Darkhast is an amazing song.

So the music is going through toughest music album fight. After Darkhast it will be more challenging task for Karan Johar to compete with Ajay Devgn.

Economic on Shivaay and Ae dil he mushkil:

Shivaay will grab more screens than Adhm because of genre. Adhm just missed the pace after bulleya while Shivaay takes more pace after Darkhast. So its gonna be a 51/49 screens share ratio which is tough fight for both the films.

Shivaay budget is more than Adhm.Shivaay Budget is 125 crores estimated while budget of adhm is

Estimated 75 crores.

Uri attack effect on ADHM:

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) continued its agitation against Pakistani artistes on saying it won’t allow films such as Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. unless the Pakistani actors in them are replaced.

Final Words on Shivaay vs Adhm battle:

The beginning of battle is fantastic. Shivaay and Ae dil hai mushkil’s trailer were heart breaking. The fight between full of action packed movie vs  full of romance based movie. Music is amazing of both the films. Now be ready for the biggest fight on this diwali.

– Jay Lodhiya

Google Pixel

img17a3Google Pixel and Pixel smartphones have officially been announced by the search giant at an event in San Francisco. These are first smartphones made entirely by Google, which means the company has worked on its hardware as well as software. Also, the smartphones are company’s first devices to come with Google Assistant built-in, which can be launched simply by tapping the home button. Google also announced Google Home, Google WiFi router, 4K Chromecast Ultra and Daydream VR headset at the event. Google Home, which is Google’s answer to Amazon Alexa, will come with Google Assistant as well

According to Google, its new smartphones are built on five pillars – Google Assistant, Photography, Storage, Communications and Virtual reality. Google Pixel and Pixel come with a new Pixel launcher, which has a rounded home button for  cleaner look. Plus, Google has done away with the Search bar at the top for Pixel and Pixel XL.


Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones feature an aluminum unibody design with polished glass combination. The smartphones come with a similar specs sheet except for a different screen size and different battery capacities. Pixel has a 5-inch full HD display; while Pixel XL gets a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen.


With the new Pixel phones, we’ve got the first use of the new Snapdragon 821 processor in a major phone, and it’s paired with 4GB RAM.

The new chip comes with a reported 10% bump in processing power over the Snapdragon 820 and should ensure top-notch performance on these phones. It also means the phones will be able to the run the Daydream VR software much more smoothly.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a micro SD slot on either of these phones (Google seems to be like Apple when it comes to expandable storage) but storage starts at 32GB with a separate 128GB variant.


With the release of the new Pixel phones, it seems the notion of ‘stock’ Android will be no more. Yes, the Pixels will both come running Android Nougat but they’ll have their own skin on top called Pixel Launcher.

And from our time with the early leaked APKs on the launcher, it’s a very different approach. Gone is the app drawer icon – you now swipe up from the bottom to see all your apps – and the iconic search bar has been replaced by a pill shaped icon and a view of the date.

Icons have also been surrounded by circles and there’s a fantastic new wallpaper that pulls in images from Google and can be set to automatically alter on a daily basis.

You’ll also have all the benefits that arrived with Nougat, like split-screen apps and an improved Doze mode.

Both Pixels are also the first Daydream ready phones, and will work with Google’s new Daydream View VR headset.

Google Assistant also plays a huge part in the software, with the company demonstrating how a long-press on the home button will enable the digital assistant. From there’s you’ll be able to use voice recognition to text people, reserve tables at restaurants, and book tickets for shows and concerts.


Until the Nexus 6P, cameras on Google phones could be described as nothing more than ‘ok’.

Thankfully the 6P remedied that with a great snapper, but its position has fallen somewhat now the likes of the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 are on the scene.

This was a surprise – the Nexus devices were never known for photography – but , a true authority on phone cameras, it is the best they have ever tried.

Both phones come packing a rear-facing 12.3-megapixel rear camera. It doesn’t look like they’ll be any fancy dual-sensor system like the Huawei P9 or iPhone 7 Plus, but the f/2.0 aperture, and large 1.55-micron pixels, should make for decent low-light photos.

There’s also some clever software features when it comes to camera, with video stabilisation, a smart burst feature that lets you take multiple photos by holding the shutter button and having the phone pick the best one, and free unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos at their original quality.

In terms of battery, the larger PIxel comes with a beefy 3,450 mAh cell while the smaller one features a smaller 2,770 mAh version. Both will charge via USB-C, though there won’t be wireless charging thanks to that metal back.

What’s more, the phones will be able to provide 7 hours of battery life after just 15 minutes of charging, according to Google.

Price And Launching:

Google’s new smartphones start at $649 in the US and Rs 57,000 in India. The pre-orders will begin on Flipkart starting October 13 in India. Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones will be available in Black, Silver and limited edition Blue colour variant.Yet for this price the specs are not yet that elegant.

– Deep Kakkad

Tips for efficient Programming

1) Avoid passing long argument lists to functions. Avoid returning long values from functions. The most efficient function types to use are void, int, or pointer.

2) Avoid initializing global variables within a small function. Instead, assign a value during variable definition.

3) Avoid converting chars to another type. char variables can be located anywhere in RAM, while word variables can only be at even addresses. Because of this, the code will result in unpredictable CPU behavior.

4) Use int instead of char or unsigned char if you want a small integer within a function. The code produced will be more efficient, and in most cases storage isn’t actually wasted.

5) Try to minimize the use of addition and subtraction with floating point numbers. These are slow operations.

6) Use shift instead of multiplication by constants which are 2^N (actually, the compiler may do this for you when optimization is switched on).

7) Use unsigned int for indices – the compiler will snip _lots_ of code.

8) Use ‘switch/case‘ constructs rather than a chain of ‘if/else‘ constructs.

9) Use logical or (‘|’) rather than ‘+’ for bit masks.

10) When defining bit fields, try to use signed integers. This produces more compact code that bit fields of unsigned integers.

11) Use ‘alloca‘ instead of ‘malloc‘ for locals. In embedded applications trying to avoid any dynamic memory allocation is usually even better.

12) Delay loops are very sophisticated routines. Developers often do something like:

int i = 1234;

while (i–);


int i;

for (i = 0;  i < 1234;  i++);

NEITHER WILL WORK AS YOU EXPECT when optimization is switched on!!! The optimizer will detect dead code in both examples and will eliminate it. It might even eliminate the loop completely. Adding the volatile attribute to the definition of ‘i’ might help, but don’t count on it if ‘i’ is a local variable. The compiler can still detect the calculations are wasteful, and eliminate them.

– Pranam Lashkari