Shiva Trilogy


“Today, He is a God. 4000 years ago, he was just a man.”

“Shiva Trilogy” a breathtaking story and definite page turner by ‘Amish Tripathi’ is a masterpiece about the life of Lord Shiva. Amish acknowledging the fact that mythology might be unacceptable by the readers of today’s world, has designed the story in such a way that it creates a parallel reality between science and myth organizing every piece of myth in a way that fits perfectly with the science, making sure that the known myth doesn’t get manipulated. Thus he attracts both, the religious ones and the scientific ones.

The trilogy consists of three books “Immortals of Meluha”, “Secrets of the Nagas”, and the last part “Oath of the Vayuputras”. The first part starts from Shiva’s homeland Mansarover and talks about his endevours over there and his journey to far west,The land of Suryavanshis – Meluha where he finds his “Reason of Life” along with Sati, who later becomes his wife.

The second part “Secrets of the Nagas” is the part where Shiva discovers the reality about The Land of Chandravanshis – Swadeep. He learns the realtion of Swadeepans and Meluhans and connects it with his own tribes back at Mansarover. Along with both the kingdoms he starts his ventures about the Evil, destroying it is the purpose of his life. Shiva discovers facts about the people of Naga and their past. Amish humanizes his characters, something which most of the Indian author fail miserably at.

The third part “The Oath of the Vayuputras” is a masterpiece of masterpiece, Shiva is finally able to find the true Evil, and is on his way to destroy it, “His Soul Purpose of Life”, but the consequences he is going to face are just unpredictable, and readers loss their minds way they find out how the story unfolds. Every page of it take readers’ breath away, making them flip through each and every page with a killing, curiosity. The story end right where it started.

Shiva trilogy is such a book series which emotionally and psychologically connects with the reader. Every time the reader feels like the story is going to fall is the exact moment when a new turn shows up, always destroying the mainstream. Every suspense told will lead to another suspense, and unfolding every suspense blow the minds of readers!


– Shaswat Dharaiya


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