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img17a3Google Pixel and Pixel smartphones have officially been announced by the search giant at an event in San Francisco. These are first smartphones made entirely by Google, which means the company has worked on its hardware as well as software. Also, the smartphones are company’s first devices to come with Google Assistant built-in, which can be launched simply by tapping the home button. Google also announced Google Home, Google WiFi router, 4K Chromecast Ultra and Daydream VR headset at the event. Google Home, which is Google’s answer to Amazon Alexa, will come with Google Assistant as well

According to Google, its new smartphones are built on five pillars – Google Assistant, Photography, Storage, Communications and Virtual reality. Google Pixel and Pixel come with a new Pixel launcher, which has a rounded home button for  cleaner look. Plus, Google has done away with the Search bar at the top for Pixel and Pixel XL.


Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones feature an aluminum unibody design with polished glass combination. The smartphones come with a similar specs sheet except for a different screen size and different battery capacities. Pixel has a 5-inch full HD display; while Pixel XL gets a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen.


With the new Pixel phones, we’ve got the first use of the new Snapdragon 821 processor in a major phone, and it’s paired with 4GB RAM.

The new chip comes with a reported 10% bump in processing power over the Snapdragon 820 and should ensure top-notch performance on these phones. It also means the phones will be able to the run the Daydream VR software much more smoothly.

Unfortunately, you won’t find a micro SD slot on either of these phones (Google seems to be like Apple when it comes to expandable storage) but storage starts at 32GB with a separate 128GB variant.


With the release of the new Pixel phones, it seems the notion of ‘stock’ Android will be no more. Yes, the Pixels will both come running Android Nougat but they’ll have their own skin on top called Pixel Launcher.

And from our time with the early leaked APKs on the launcher, it’s a very different approach. Gone is the app drawer icon – you now swipe up from the bottom to see all your apps – and the iconic search bar has been replaced by a pill shaped icon and a view of the date.

Icons have also been surrounded by circles and there’s a fantastic new wallpaper that pulls in images from Google and can be set to automatically alter on a daily basis.

You’ll also have all the benefits that arrived with Nougat, like split-screen apps and an improved Doze mode.

Both Pixels are also the first Daydream ready phones, and will work with Google’s new Daydream View VR headset.

Google Assistant also plays a huge part in the software, with the company demonstrating how a long-press on the home button will enable the digital assistant. From there’s you’ll be able to use voice recognition to text people, reserve tables at restaurants, and book tickets for shows and concerts.


Until the Nexus 6P, cameras on Google phones could be described as nothing more than ‘ok’.

Thankfully the 6P remedied that with a great snapper, but its position has fallen somewhat now the likes of the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 are on the scene.

This was a surprise – the Nexus devices were never known for photography – but , a true authority on phone cameras, it is the best they have ever tried.

Both phones come packing a rear-facing 12.3-megapixel rear camera. It doesn’t look like they’ll be any fancy dual-sensor system like the Huawei P9 or iPhone 7 Plus, but the f/2.0 aperture, and large 1.55-micron pixels, should make for decent low-light photos.

There’s also some clever software features when it comes to camera, with video stabilisation, a smart burst feature that lets you take multiple photos by holding the shutter button and having the phone pick the best one, and free unlimited cloud storage for photos and videos at their original quality.

In terms of battery, the larger PIxel comes with a beefy 3,450 mAh cell while the smaller one features a smaller 2,770 mAh version. Both will charge via USB-C, though there won’t be wireless charging thanks to that metal back.

What’s more, the phones will be able to provide 7 hours of battery life after just 15 minutes of charging, according to Google.

Price And Launching:

Google’s new smartphones start at $649 in the US and Rs 57,000 in India. The pre-orders will begin on Flipkart starting October 13 in India. Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones will be available in Black, Silver and limited edition Blue colour variant.Yet for this price the specs are not yet that elegant.

– Deep Kakkad

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