Vedanta Reboot 2k16

The chartreuse binge all over the department made justice to the theme ‘Go Green!’ of the second chapter of the signature event Vedanta organized by the Novateur Commune of Computer Engineering Department of V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot. Both the participants and organizers yet again proved their mettle in the event by making it a grand success. Even more than last time.

The event was organized on 1st October, 2016 at Computer Engineering Department under the heads Parekh Parth, Kamothi Juhil and Shah Shivani under the mentorship of Patadia Purna and Kiyada Sudev with the guidance of Prof.Girish Mulchandani. The participants started contributing to the entropy from 8 in the morning. The event was inaugurated by the chief patron Shri Pravinbhai Maniar. The event included various sub events like Encode – a coding platform for the programmers, Decode – a modern day aptitude based treasure hunt, Pseudoflow – an event of a kind where programmers guess the data structures that they can correlate to a movie scene, IPL Auction – an auction type event of IPL players, Beg,Borrow,Steal – a speed based requirement satisfaction type event along with other events like Project Presentation, LAN gaming and on-the-spot one minute games. Project presentation was judged by external experts of the computer field – Mr.Rakshit Menpara and Mr.Yagnesh Tatmiya. Also one-minute games like Paper Dance, Selfie Le Le Re, etc were the showstoppers of the event.

‘Vedanta Reboot’ showcased decoration which encouraged youth to participate in saving the environment. It included various posters on nature and 3D painting. Another main attraction of the event was Chroma key green screen. Also saplings were planted by the students to make the day more auspicious and spread the message of tree plantation.

Along with the main event ‘Vedanta Reboot’, organizers also planned another surprise event by the name ‘Vedanta Elite’. As the name says, it was organized specially for the entertainment between students and faculty members by including them together in various small events. As the events came to an end at 3 pm, both students and faculty members joined at courtyard for the garba. The day ended finally at 6 pm with students getting the most of the enjoyment they can. The head of the department, Prof.Tejas Patalia dedicated the success of the event to the team of the organizers of the event saying, “I am nothing without my team!”.


                                                                    The Team!!

– Sudev Kiyada


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