Kabaddi World Cup 2016

kabbadi-2“Kabaddi”, a game developed in India was rarely in talks until now. But with the advent of “Pro Kabaddi League” the scenario is completely changed. More and more people are getting involved with this game because of the game’s thrill and excitement. With cricket, tennis and football being the centre sports in our country, Kabaddi has rightfully attained the place of centre sport in couple of years.

Kabaddi, like every other sport has a World Cup. This time the World Cup is held in the city of Ahmedabad, the Manchester of India. It kicked off on October 7th, 2016. The newly constructed Trans Stadia stadium is the venue for the World Cup. The arena is first-of-its-multipurpose stadium of the country supporting 12 different indoor sports. The trophy of the recent World Cup was inaugurated by the new CM of Gujarat, Honorable Shree Vijay Rupani.

The 2016 Kabaddi World Cup would see 12 teams competing with each other in a round robin and knockout format. The 12 teams have been divided into two pools of six team each, with Pool A having teams India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Australia, England, Argentina and Pool B having Iran, Thailand, Japan, USA, Poland, Kenya. Neighbour and arch rival Pakistan, not being included, the only threat to India would be Iran. The Iranian players like Meraj Sheykh, Hadi Oshtorak and Fazel Atrachali have all shown their worth in Pro Kabaddi.

In Kabaddi India holds the record for most international World Cup. With 2 World Cups recognized by World Kabaddi Federation, India has won both. With the current Indian team lead by “The Captain Cool Anup Kumar” India is the favourite to win the cup.  The team consists an all-round balance with both young and experienced players.


Sr No. Player Name Position
1 Anup Kumar(c) Raider
2 Rahul Chaudhary Raider
3 Deepak Hooda Raider
4 Pardeep Narwal Raider
5 Jasvir Singh Raider
6 Ajay Thakur Raider
7 Mohit Chillar Defender
8 Surendar Nada Defender
9 Surjeet Singh Defender
10 D Cheralathan Defender
11 Kiran Parmar Defender
12 Manjeet Chillar All Rounder
13 Nitin Tomar All Rounder
14 Sandeep Narwal All Rounder


In the raiding department there are in form players like Rahul and Pardeep who showed their class in PKL season 4. There are high hopes from Rahul who was the leading raider in PKL 4 with 146 raid points. Anup Kumar with his toe touch is even a threat to opposition. Not only that, he even showed his defending skills in the last season of PKL. With all rounders like Manjeet Chillar and Sandeep Narwal the team becomes more versatile because of more options in defense and raiding. For defenders, the duo of Mohit Chillar and Surendar Nada comes first. Though both of them were out of form last season of PKL, they are still formidable. With Anup leading the team, he knows the best way to utilize the defenders duo as seen in the first three seasons of PKL. With the semis on 21 and final on 22 October, we eagerly await for India to win the Cup and Anup Kumar proving his nickname “The Captain Cool” and even adding one more glory to India and of course to himself. So as slogan of the World Cup let’s cheer all teams and say

“The World Is Ready To Raid”


Pool A

Rank Team T W L P
1 India 3 2 1 11
2 Republic Of Korea 2 2 0 10
3 England 2 1 1 5
4 Bangladesh 2 1 1 5
5 Australia 3 1 2 5
6 Argentina 2 0 2 0

Pool B

Rank Team T W L P
1 Iran 3 3 0 15
2 Japan 2 2 0 10
3 Kenya 2 1 1 6
4 Thailand 2 1 1 5
5 Poland 3 0 3 1
6 USA 2 0 2 0

In the opening match it was the defending champion India take on Republic Of Korea. In this last minute game Korea defeated the champs by 2 points. After the initial defeat, India crushed the next two opponents Australia and Bangladesh by 34 and 37 respectively.  Iran and Korea be the two undefeated teams of the tournament.

In raiding section England’s Temi Tope Adewalure leads. David Shilisia J Mosambayi of Kenya is at second position and Ajay Thakur of India at third.

For defence, Australia’s Jasvir Singh leads the rankings. Iran’s Fazel Atrachali is second while India’s Manjeet Chillar at third place.

In the upcoming matches, India would be playing Argentina and for the last group match against England.
Note:- The point table and the player point rankings are taken in reference till Argentina VS Australia match that is till 12 October,2016.

– Bhavin Soneji


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