Missing Link

Mighty continuous chain made up of small packs,

Arranged alike the books in all the racks.

The source of knowledge, knowledge of experiences,

Information leaks out, and the live clenches.


Into the old world, where letters are chats.

Into the new world, where bombs are nuclear jets.

A small link, having larger impact,

Was made the life’s defect.


Running after the easy material than difficult abstract,

Was running for doomsday, to be exact.

Targeting short jumps than longer leaps,

Was targeting the heart monitors to go off – beep.


A life, the most precious of all that can be obtained,

Do nothing worth history, definitely makes it blot stained.

A couple decades until the old age with those wrinkle fold,

A couple years until the four limbs at the home crawled.


Link to all is, there’s only one life, one chance,

It’s not to stand idle, but till the last-breath dance.

Heart and Brain, Soul and Mind, the Missing Links,

Complete the puzzled life, before the permanent Time-out blinks!

-Miral Shah


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