How did Donald Trump win the 2k16 Election?

A populist wave that began with Brexit in June reached the United States of America on 9th November, 2016. In one of the biggest upset in American political history, Donald Trump won a truly historic victory in the U.S. presidential election. Trump’s win stunned most of the political pundits, people across the globe and even Americans. Although he consistently had the highest unfavorable rating of any major party nominee,he managed to get a seat at the Oval office and that naturally raised the question among us that how did Trump win the 2016 election?

So here are a few factors that partially explain his win:-

  •  There really was a silent Trump vote that the polls failed to pick up on. It seems to be equally reasonable to conclude that many Trump voters kept their intention to themselves and refused to cooperate.Trump’s victory demonstrated that the polls simply cannot be trusted and effect of exit poll and pre-poll before election of voters is negligible.
  • Speaking about rural America, they have not seen their fortune improve during the Obama administration. Hillary never talked of those people. Trump did and was the only candidate who did. Utterly abandoning large number of electoral votes did bad as they are the one’s who are going to vote for presidential election and not immigrants.
  • Our Facebook feed was filled with Trump haters and everyone are shocked. Holy shit! How could he win if there is a protest against Trump after election? That’s because they are living in a completely different world than those Trump supporters. It’s easy to criticize Trump’s policy about immigrants without knowing facts. The American media like India always talk about big cities far away from common lower middle class Americans and they are ignored as if they don’t exist. No one speak’s for them, but Trump did.
  • They could drive a truck for $8k a month few years ago but now the illegal immigrants are willing to do it for $3k. The Americans lost their job.
  • They could work in a factory for $5k a month but now the job goes to Chinese and Mexicans.
  • When they are losing their jobs and falling prey to poverty they tend to stay at home and turn on the TV, see Obama and Hillary speaking “The biggest problem we are facing is climate change”.But when they switch to the next channel they see Trump speaking “We need to rebuild our inner cities, we need to bring jobs back” and thus Trump won the heart of this ignored people and that made him win.
  • Another point which helped Trump is that Democrats missed the legacy of Obama. They thought it was the best ever and that was self-explanatory. Apart from his effort to quicken the recovery post financial crisis there was not much positive growth in 8 years. USA completely missed a cycle in 8 years there has not been a roaring growth. The relationship with Russia and China worsened. Racial relation has worsened and so is the shooting of blacks. Education continues to not be fixed. Of course he was not worst but he was not spectacular either. Democrats missed the need to reach out a lot of people, some of whom never recovered from 2008.

On a final note people who voted for Trump were silent majorities. They didn’t care about LGBT, BLM or climate change. They are not racist or homophobia. People rioting against Trump even after he is elected for President need to throw away their arrogance and start to care about those people. They have no other methods to let you hear them. They only have their ballots. That is the power of democracy and that’s why democracy is great as it never ignores anyone.

– Chintan Bavishi


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