How to start programming (For beginners)

  • Choosing a Language:

1.)First you should know what kind of app or software you want to develop.

2.)Then you should try to find out which language provides you the best features according to your requirement.

3.)If you are totally a beginner and don’t know what programming is then I would suggest you to start with C, C++ or python. (if you struggle with these languages then you should switch to HTML because when you are writing a code of HTML you can see where your code is going. While working with other languages will confuse you at the beginning.)


  • Start programming:

1.)First thing you should know the syntax and how your chosen language works.

2.)There is a common thing in almost all the programming language that it always goes step by step from top to bottom and left to right. If you can understand these simple things, then congratulations now you are on the way to become a programmer.

3.)When you start learning a language you can start with coaching classes or you can learn it by yourself by reading book and taking online tutorials. (if you want to learn any language then self-learning is the best thing you can do to be an expert because everything you learn you have to try it first and you learn it by experiencing it.)

4.)Don’t worry when your program crashes. It is really common even with professional programmers.

5.)You should write a code which gives the required output in the least steps. So, that it takes the least time in execution and you should also take care of the memory required for the execution of the program.

6.)Try to use hard-coding for large programs. (Hard-coding means to fix data or parameters in a program in such a way that they cannot be altered without modifying the program. When you are using a value again and again in different parameters, store that value in a variable and use that variable in all the parameters. It will help you in the future when you are trying to modify the program because you have to change the value of a single variable only instead of changing all the parameters which can save your time and also save you from buggy codes.)


  • After creating a program:

1.)Best things about the language you will learn is when you find an error or your program crashes. When you are making an actual software you always try to make it user proof and while making it you consider the user of program as dumb, who will always try to give the input which are not supposed to be given and which will crash your program.

2.)So, to avoid the crashing of your program by any user you have to test your program by giving all the possible inputs so in future when users start using it the program doesn’t crash and won’t stop using the program because of frequent crashing.

3.)Try to use that program on different machines because all the machines have their own different structure and your program might not be compatible with all of them.

These are all the things you are required to know when you start programming.

Best of Luck, For your first code.

Happy Coding…

– Pranam Lashkari


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