LINUX OS – The Geeky OS

Till date, Windows is the most popular operating system in the world and widely used by computer users. From all the versions provided by Microsoft, Windows 7 is most stable, compatible, and easy to use. More than half of the market uses windows 7 followed by Windows XP. Windows 10 contains improved graphics and new features which were absent in previous versions. It has also gained popularity in tablets and traditional PCs. Other than Windows, Mac OS is not used much in the market as it is designed for Mac computers only. But it is considered as most beautifully crafted OS among all.

Computer Geeks
Computer Geeks are mostly fond of LINUX OS. Linux is considered as most reliable and secured, so it has strong focus on process management, system security and uptime. Linux too provides bundles of free software programs just like windows. LINUX is open source so developers easily identify bugs and repair vulnerabilities.

Server Side Data Handling
LINUX is widely used by the companies which handles data of millions of users. Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, NASA, etc. Reasons for popularity of LINUX OS:

1) Stability
First reason, why LINUX systems are well known for server side handling, is the stability. LINUX users have never experienced system CRASH while handling such big amount of data. LINUX can easily handle large number of processes running simultaneously. Another reason why LINUX is having better stability than windows is: Windows servers needs to be de-fragmented often, in order to work quickly whereas LINUX will keep the servers running efficiently and quickly without de-fragmentation.

2) Security
Linux from the beginning, was developed in such a way that only administrator or root user can have access to kernel and other privileges, due to this modularity is maintained. This system is least affected by malware and other DDoS attacks, so it is considered as least exploited in the world of OS.

3) Command Line
Linux Command Line can do most of the things you want to work with linux OS, provided you should have knowledge of commands to be executed.

4) Performance
Microsoft’s Windows 10 can be called many things but ‘high speed performance’ and ‘light-weight’ is not one of them. Because of too many updates, it can be quickly outdated if not maintained. Whereas LINUX is far more better and quicker, it doesn’t require that many updates.

If you’ve got patience to adapt new system, you should go for LINUX.
Following LINUX flavors are most popular ones:

» Ubuntu:
    It is advisable when users are switching directly from OS X and Windows.

» Linux Mint
    For the first time users and for users who are willing to make system work out-of-the-box.

» openSUSE
    Users who wants reliable and system with greater support.

» Debian
    Users who wants to avoid too many updates of applications and want to prefer secure system.

Those who are constantly facing problems of malware attacks, viruses, crashes in system and other slowdowns could use LINUX.

– Karan Kharecha


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