The Lion City

aThe Republic of Singapore, and often referred to as the Lion City or the Little Red Dot. It’s a global commerce, finance and transport hub. Singapore is ranked 11th internationally and first in Asia on the UN Human Development Index.

Singapore consists of 63 islands, including the main island, Pulau Ujong. The highest natural point is Bukit Timah Hill at 163.63 m (537 ft). Singapore has a tropical rain forest climate with no distinctive seasons, uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity, and abundant rainfall.

Information and communications technologies (ICT) is one of the pillars of Singapore’s economic success. The World Economic Forum’s 2015 Global Technology Report placed Singapore as the most “Tech-Ready Nation”. Singapore is a major international transport hub in Asia, serving some of the busiest sea and air trade routes. The port of Singapore is the world’s busiest for transshipment traffic and the world’s biggest ship refueling center.

bThe World Health Organisation ranks Singapore’s healthcare system as 6th overall in the world in its World Health Report.


Things to see in Singapore

  • Sentosa- It is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by some twenty million people a year.
  • Universal Studios Singapore- Movie amusement park with sets & rides on themes from Hollywood to sci-fi, plus live entertainment.
  • Singapore Flyer- Huge observation wheel opened in 2008 for views of the city plus high tea & butler-serviced flights.
  • Night Safari, Singapore-Night zoo with tram rides and walking trails through rain forest past elephants, tigers & leopards.
  • Gardens by the Bay-A network of modern greenhouses & waterfront parks containing super trees lined with solar cells.
  • Jurong Bird Park-Sprawling sanctuary housing over 400 bird species from parrots to penguins, plus play areas & cafes.
  • Singapore Zoo-Rain forest zoo with tram rides, trails & viewing platforms to see wildlife habitats & exhibits.
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens-183-acre botanical gardens with sculptures, a swan lake & significant collection of tropical trees.
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Amazing Facts of Human Body


  • Messages from the human brain travel along nerves at up to 322 km/h.
  • In adult human, 25% of their bones are in the feet.
  • Human ears and nose never stop growing.
  • Little finger of hand contributes over 50% of the hand’s strength.
  • Taking just one step uses up to 200 muscles.
  • Human skeleton renews itself completely every 10 years.
  • Bone is five times stronger than a steel bar with same width.
  • The largest cell in the human body is an egg. It’s barely visible to the naked eye.
  • The strongest muscle in the human body is the masseter, or the jaw muscle.
  • The liver the largest internal organ and is the only organ that can regenerate itself.
  • The human brain uses just as much power as a 10-watt light bulb.
  • An average person walks about 100,000 miles (160,934 km) in his or her lifetimes, which is like walking around the world four times at the equator.
  • The average person has about 5 pounds of bacteria in his or her digestive system.
  • Adult humans spend about 33% of their lives asleep. A python spends about 75% of their life, and a dog spends about 44%.
  • A human eye can distinguish between approximately 10 million different colors.



Medal Of Freedom

mof-2Barack Obama bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Joe Biden, the man he called  “the best vice president America has ever had”.

Joe Biden was not only a friend of Obama but also a close adviser for the last eight years. The Medal, highest civilian honor in the United States, was awarded “with distinction”, an extra level of veneration for the first time in presidency.

The previous three presidents awarded the higher level of the award to only one person each: John Paul II, President Ronald Reagan and Gen. Colin Powell, Obama said. He called Biden “an extra ordinary man, with an extraordinary career in public service”. Biden turned away from the cameras, wiped away the tears and stood stoically as Obama draped the blur and white ribbon around his neck.

mof-1There were standing ovations – several of them – at what had been billed as a modest farewell ceremony for Biden but evolved into a surprise bestowal of the Medal of Freedom, the last time Obama will present the honor. The famously plainspoken Biden has long said he only agreed to the job after Obama agreed he would the last person in the room before major decisions were made. It was reunion for the many staffers and colleagues who worked with Biden over the years. Obama traced the history of Biden’s nearly half-century-long political career, from chairing the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees to the “cancer moonshot” effort he started recently and plans to continue. Obama praised his vice president for his work on the economic stimulus, middle-class issues and curbing violence against women.


Google to help Indian SMB’s go digital

Sundar Pichai rang the new year bells by visiting India and conducting Digital Unlocked event on January 4th Wednesday at Delhi. The main focus of this event was SMB’s. Pichai announced the launch of new tools, training and support systems for SMB’s in India. IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad was also present at this event.
During a series of announcements, Sundar Pichai mentioned about “ My Business Website” which is to be launched this year. It will provide a comfortable platform for businesses to create a simple, professional and mobile-optimized website in less than ten minutes for free.

The company has launched a certification course for SMBs in collaboration with ISB.  It will collaborate with FICCI to conduct around 5000 workshops covering 40 cities in three years. In addition to this they also launched “Primer” which is a free mobile app that will teach digital marketing skills in a simple way. It works offline too and is currently available in English and Hindi languages.
The company is looking forward to empower India’s 51 million strong SMBs community. As a reference to this Pichai said, “Today, anyone can become an entrepreneur, but it is important that they have the right tools and skills to digitalize.” A KPMG report says that this enhancement of SMBs will help increase their contribution in India’s GDP by 10%, taking it up to 46-48% by 2020.

Putting it in a nutshell, this initiative will definitely help India move a step forward in the era of digital revolution. Cheers to an Indian!!

-Ruchika Joshi

Equity and Equality – The Difference


The terms equity and equality are sometimes used interchangeably, which can lead to confusion because while these concepts are related, there are also important distinctions between them.

Equity, as we have seen, involves trying to understand and give people what they need to enjoy full, healthy lives. Equality, in contrast, aims to ensure that everyone gets the same things in order to enjoy full, healthy lives. Like equity, equality aims to promote fairness and justice, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same things.

Should per student funding at every school be exactly the same? That’s a question of equality. But should students who come from less get more in order to ensure that they can catch up? That’s a question of equity.
es, making sure all students have equalaccess to resources is an important goal. All students should have the resources necessary for a high-quality education. But the truth remains that some students needmore to get there.

Here’s where equity comes in. The students who are furthest behind — most often low-income students and students of color — require more of those resources to catch up, succeed, and eventually, close the achievement gap. Giving students who come to school lagging academically (because of factors outside of a school’s control) the exact same resources as students in higher income schools alone will not close the achievement gap. But making sure that low-income students and students of color have access to exceptional teachers and that their schools have the funding to provide them with the kind of high-quality education they need to succeed will continue us on the path toward narrowing that gap.

-Anjali Balchandani

Bit of Bitcoins

c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_bitcoin_625x300_71385614524Trending in news these week the price of Bitcoins gets lots of up and down remarkably in its History.Also due to Demonetization in India, Digital Money is at its peak promoting many payment methods.Among which the one  is trending these days are BITCOINS…


Bitcoins is a form of virtual currency but it does not mean if you have bitcoins you can physically purchase goods by handing notes or tokens to the seller. Bitcoins are used for electronic purchases and transfers. You can use bitcoins to pay friends, merchants, etc. Every single purchase is immediately logged digitally (on computers) on a transaction log that tracks the time of purchase and who owns how many bitcoins.This digital transaction log is called ‘blockchain’.

The blockchain records every single transaction – of present and past – and the ownership of every single bitcoin in circulation. The people who are constantly verifying the blockchain, ensuring that all the information is correct and updating it each time a transaction is made, are called ‘miners’. One way to think of miners is: they those who confirm transactions. Their job is to ensure that the transaction is secure and processed properly and safely. In return for their services, miners are paid fees by the vendors/merchants of each transaction and are also given physical, minted bitcoins.

Bitcoins are growing in popularity, and although they were largely used by speculators who were looking at it as a way to make money by buying bitcoins at lower prices and selling them at higher prices just like Foreign exchange or Forex .There is a growing trend of businesses accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Many big companies like WordPress,, and Reddit accept Bitcoin, and a growing numbers of brick and mortar stores are starting to accept them internationally as well. More than $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins are currently in circulation around the world, with millions of transactions occurring daily. Needless to say, the popularity and usage of Bitcoin is picking up very quickly as more and more businesses and individuals are becoming aware of its benefits and advantages over traditional currencies.


It’s Price??

1 Bitcoin = 65189.1572 Indian rupees

Bitcoins are like any other currency: they  in value relative to other currencies. Similar to how the rupee’s valuation changes wildly against the US dollar this year, bitcoins have had drastic movements in price as well,but there is no centralized exchange for it.

There is no ‘fixed’ price.Usually, it’s the seller’s responsibility to give a fair price to the buyer based on what rate bitcoins are being traded in elsewhere. The difference between bitcoins and other currencies is that there is no centralised bank that prints the currency and sets relative values. Through transactions, the value of bitcoin fluctuates through supply and demand.

Benefits of Bitcoins!!

One of the main benefit for using the Bitcoins is its Transaction Rates.In Credit card usually 2-3% transaction fees are supposed to pay by customer.With Bitcoins, there are little to no fees involved.

The greatest advantage, however, is that all necessary information is public and transparent. Without revealing the identities of the buyer and seller, the entire bitcoin network is made aware of each and every transaction. This gives a tremendous amount of comfort to both parties of the transaction.

The Keys!!

There are two components to a Bitcoin address:

Public address(Key)

Private address(Key)

Each Bitcoin address has its own Bitcoin balance. Every time a transaction is made, the public address of each user is made public to the entire network. Therefore, it is recommended that the sender creates a new address for each transaction.

A bitcoin user can freely share his public address with everybody. His private address, however, is only for him to know. This is critical in that this is what allows Bitcoin to be a secure payment system.

How to get That?

‘Bitcoin wallet’.

Bitcoin wallet is first required to get started with using bitcoins. A wallet can be created easily through different online applications. Your Bitcoin wallet is essentially just like, well, any other wallet.

Unocoin,Zebpay,CoinSecure are one of the leading Wallets that are being used in India.

3 Ways to Get The Coins!!

  • If you are selling a good, you can accept bitcoins as a form of payment.
  • You can purchase and sell bitcoins through Bitcoin exchanges (this is the most common way. Exchanges are typically found online.)
  • You can trade bitcoins for traditional currencies of countries.

-Deep Kakkad

Dangal Review (9.1/10-IMDb)


And year 2016 ends with the Dhaakad performance of the super-hit film ‘Dangal breaking all the records at box office and winning hearts of people all over the world. It is a full family entertainer, a sports drama and the storyline covers the life of Phogat family which has the potential to inspire each one of us.

Dangal got a great boost by its preceding blockbuster movie ‘Sultan’ – which was also based on wrestling and the love, hope and trust that emerged for wrestling especially for women after Sakshi Malik became the first Indian female wrestler to win an Olympic medal and made the entire nation proud. And after all it was most awaited Mr. Perfectionist (who prefers to be known as Mr. Passionate) – Aamir Khan’s movie that ultimately has become the best movie of the year!

Dangal is the journey through the world of wrestling. A journey of how it takes blood and sweat to emerge as a champion! The journey of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who fought against all odds to mould his daughters into wrestling champions.

Aamir Khan, is playing the role of a real life hero: Mahavir Singh Phogat. The movie is more like a biopic on the entire Phogat family. Young Geeta Phogat and Babita Phogat is played by Zaira Wasim and Suahni Bhatanagar. They are so talented and have been phenomenal. Awesomely directed by Nitesh Tiwari. Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra take over in the second half playing the Phogat sisters. Sakshi Tanwar, lives up to her role really well as a mother of the girls, despite less screen time and dialogues.


The scene which gave hope to Mahavir Singh Phogat (who was back then disheartened by not having a son to live up to his dream – to win gold for India in wrestling) and brought the golden thought to his mind – Gold toh gold hota hai … chora lave ya chori


The movie has got the perfect cast. The girls have been brilliant throughout. May it be the father-daughter relationship, struggle against the conservative thinking of society, training, escaping, realizations, dedication, sacrifice, patience, strength and courage to fight and overcome fear, emotions, setbacks, dialogues everything is so perfectly integrated.  

Kripa Shankar Bishnoi, a coach with the Indian women’s wrestling team, trained Aamir Khan and the entire crew for the wrestling sequences. And this is why, the wrestling scenes look raw and real! Aparshakti Khurrana as well as Vivan Bhatena deserve special mentions for playing Omkar and having that perfect comical timing! Omkar, “close cousin” of Phogat sisters, is also the one who narrates the entire story!

The wrestling matches are a treat to watch. They’ll make you cheer for them, cry along with their onscreen father emotionally and proudly applaud their victory! The climax undoubtedly brought everyone goosebumps. But not everything shown in the movie is real like Mahavir Singh Phogat being locked in the room during Geeta’s final match or Geeta going for the 5 point move and winning the match at the last second. In real life, he was not allowed to go near the wrestling area and Geeta posted a magnificent 1-0, 7-0 victory over Australia’s Emily Bensted to win Gold medal in 2010 Common Wealth Games. But what is a Bollywood flick without its melodrama.     

All in all it will definitely make you fall head over heels. A must watch film!


-Karnavee Kamdar

The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad

I’ve always felt that there’s a thick undertone of intellectual snobbery when people praise Twinkle Khanna’s writing. It’s as though they’re surprised that a Bollywood actress can actually string together an interesting thought and correct sentence in English. Khanna, to give her credit, is pretty much the only Bollywood actress who has carved an identity for herself in a field unrelated to the film industry. I, for one, was a great fan of her first few columns in The Times Of India, written as “Mrs FunnyBones”. They were, true to the name, funny, sharp and a welcome change from the usual columns we read by either a celebrity or a non-celebrity.

Let’s get to the first story, about young Lakshmi Prasad – a simple narrative of female empowerment in rural India. It is the story of courage and hope when Lakshmi stands up against the patriarchal practices in society and guides them to look beyond. Noni Appa, in the second story finds love blossoming in her life during her twilight years. The third story of Elisa finds her searching for love over multiple marriages. But the most inspiring of them, is the fictionalized story of the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, inventor of low-cost sanitary napkin machines. This Padmashri Awardee and his life have always intrigued me. It was a pleasure to read a story loosely based on his life.

The novelty-seeker in me, however, wanted more. Almost one third of the book is dedicated to the fourth story which is anything but fictional. It generously draws from the real life of Arunachalam Muruganathan, the social entrepreneur who was the sombre crusader of women’s independence and hygiene and made the world’s first low-cost sanitary pad making machine. That his inspiring journey of perseverance needs to be retold is well understood but it doesn’t bode well with the collection’s core theme of fiction. The strong voice of a refreshingly original plot found in the first story, gradually loses steam in the fourth. I wish the author had pushed the envelope and played the magician with a tad more gusto.

-Shivani Shah


Development Trends in 2017

Angular 2 and beyond

2016 also saw the release of Angular 2, and with it came a lot of changes – Google’s front-end JavaScript framework has been completely redesigned.

It now takes advantage of JavaScript ES6’s features, applications are written in TypeScript, and they now moved towards a more component driven architecture.

Yarn package manager


Package managers are incredibly popular tools, especially in the front-end JavaScript communities. They make it easier for developers to install, update, configure and uninstall code modules within their applications. They do so by communicating with a registry of code modules and manage the various dependencies code modules usually have.

The most popular JavaScript package managers are NPM and Bower. However, a new package manager has been developed by Facebook, in collaboration with Exponent, Google and Tilde. We expect its popularity to grow in 2017.

Static website generators


Static website generators create websites from plain text, usually stored in files and not in databases. In certain situations, static websites built by generators such as Jekyll, allow for some advantages, such as increased speed, security, ease of deployment and their handling of traffic surges. However, they have no real time content or user content (such as comments), which have become a “must” on the web today.

As Content Delivery Networks and APIs become more and more the way of life of the web and make it easier for content and templates to be deployed, many devs think static site generators might be an interesting area to watch in the coming year.

Rails 5


The newest release of Rails came with some interesting additions that web developers should get excited about

  1. Turbolinks 5 allows developers to create Single Page like Applications directly from the Rails stack, by allowing links to fetch full HTML pages and replacing the body, without the need for client-side JavaScript frameworks.
  2. ActionCable is a new way to use websockets in Rails to create real time applications. This makes creating notifications and chat features so much easier, all the while still having access to all your ActiveRecord resources.
  3. Rails 5 also merged the popular rails_api gem into its codebase. Developers can now easily create API only applications in Rails and hook them up to their favorite JavaScript or native frameworks.


-Pranam Lashkari

Dota 2 7.00

Alright fans.!!

Dota 2 7.00 is finally here, and whats so amazing is that after 7.00 they had to fix a lot of exceptions and bugs in the game that they had to lauch another 7.01 update for the game.

Dota 2 7.00 always known as Dota 7.00 or what many people have termed as Dota 3, is one of the most talked topics in the gaming world!

The Million Dollar question stands here is the success of the this new update, as this time Valve decides to bring not only hell lot of changes in the game but also included a new hero ‘Monkey King’

The changes made in this update are:
1.) A new hero is included – Monkey King
2.) New HUD
3.) New Pre-Game
4.) New Game-Play
5.) Many heroes are remodeled
6.) The Map is changed

Well honestly, a lot of people are admiring this new change, but a lot of pro-gamers didn’t like the update at all, not just because they were too comfortable with the previous version, but because in the newer version the difference between supportive heroes (those who help in fighting the battles) and carry heroes (those who actually fight battles) has drastically reduced.

Obviously, the update should have been well planned then it actually was, as there were lots of bugs.

One of the amazing things the developers brought is the backpack system, in which players can keep extra items in a side pocket called back along with their inventory, though the item is unusable unless it is shifted back to inventory. It is very useful as players don’t have to keep calling their couriers in between team fights, neither do they need to leave the battlefield to collect any items.

Another interesting feature includes the ‘Talent Tree’. This feature is a replacement for the ‘attributes’ and in this each player at certain level ups have to choose between two upgrades in the talent of their respective heroes. Each match has its own uniqueness and along with it comes the different requirements. With the help of Talent tree feature, players can now fulfil these requirements more easily and because of it players don’t need to buy items all the time for their in-game requirements.

One of the most hated change brought in, is the new map. The new map is a nightmare for supportive heroes as not only the size of the map is increased but also the ganking spots, and higher grounds used for ganking and evasion is increased. This makes life of supportive player a living hell as they now need to ward places(i.e. provide vision at sensitive spots in the map), along with keeping the maximum no of wards available, ward duration, and ward range unchanged.

When talking about Dota 2 7.00 how can one forget the most important feature, the new hero, Monkey King! This new hero is master of disguise, can transform into his surroundings, not giving slightest clue to his enemies. He can climb trees and initiate a battle by just standing on trees, he can even jump into battlefield if he wants to. He can stun his enemies along with hitting them with a critical strike. And last but not the least, if he strikes any enemy for consecutive times, he gains lifesteal and bonus attack speed (lifesteal- a health is regenerated based on a percentage of total damage done). This makes him a very dangerous opponent to counter, but pro players happen to easily counter him. For even newbies, he is not a great threat as not a lot of people know hot to play this hero perfectly. Players across the globe are loving the Monkey King, as he is the most picked hero ever since the update came in.

-Shaswat Dharaiya