A Bend in the Road

1Another classic by Nicholas Sparks, which I recently read. The book revolves around the life of Miles Ryan, a Deputy Sheriff. His life was all normal and perfect till his school sweetheart Missy died in a hit-and-run accident. He was shattered and so was their child Jonah who was too young to understand what had happened. But the little boy had understood that he will not be seeing his mother again.

Sarah Andrews a second grade teacher who has recently shifted to New Bern after divorcing her husband of 7 years is trying to settle in her new surroundings. She sees Jonah who happens to be in second grade struggling with his subjects and immediately offers to help him after knowing the trauma he has been through. Miles being very supportive also helps her and they start getting comfortable with each other. Even Jonah seems to enjoy Sarah’s company as he is getting the love and affection which he was deprived of.

Miles in the midst of all this has still not forgotten to find the person who killed his wife. Day in and day out he tries to find clues about the murderer and how it might have actually happened. He even lands in soup at times for being too aggressive and using his powers wrongly.

A surprise in the book keeps a sense of mystery going throughout, often leaving the main couple’s love story and allowing us into the mind of the anonymous “bad guy”. Slowly unravelling their story until the shocking big reveal at the end.

Lo and behold, I thought after the big reveal or I may say a bend in the road they may not end up together but let me keep you guys guessing about what happens. And probably this may lead you to read the book with more curiosity than ever. Blimey!

-Shivani Shah


A shout-out to Petrocup!

“Petrocup – Blaze of Glory” which was organized by Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) on 16th to 20th February, 2017 is one of the biggest sports festivals in Gujarat. It was inaugurated in the presence of chief guest – famous cricketer Yusuf Pathan – who gave a kick-start to the fest and overwhelmed the participants with unprecedented enthusiasm and joy.

Petrocup’17 comprised of various games like:

Football (Boys/Girls)
Kabaddi (Boys/Girls)
Cricket (Boys)
Volleyball (Boys/girls)
Basketball (Boys/girls)
Athletics (Boys/Girls)
Taekwondo (Boys/Girls)
Kho-Kho (Boys)
Table-Tennis (Boys/Girls)
Lawn-Tennis (Boys/Girls)
Badmintion (Boys/Girls)
E-sports (FIFA17,CS1.6,mini militia)

Other than the above mentioned were the informal events during petrocup with an aim to keep up the spirits and fun by events like Skating, extreme gym, futsal, pillow fight, arm wrestling etc. The most popular and trending was the silent disco which everyone enjoyed to their fullest.

2There had been around 3200 participants from various colleges all round from Gujarat and we (V.V.P. Engineering College) were one of them. Basically our college girls’ team participated in football and like any other team dreamt of winning the tournament and worked hard/put in efforts for the same… but we lost in quarter-finals against UWB (which is a good team with appreciable coordination and players. Yes, they were better than us as a team). Our new team wasn’t strong enough to bring the medals/trophies home but I’m so glad that they were smart and mature enough to learn from their mistakes and to develop a positive attitude towards working hard for their dream as they now understand that the only place where success comes before work is indeed in dictionary and there’s no point in playing if you are weak enough to give up while the game is on. Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself, silently work right (hard+smart) for it and don’t give up – yeah that’s what some people sum up and call it miracle!

“There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you”- Derek Jeter.

3Though we didn’t hit/accomplish our target but we did make most out of our then called excursion by watching matches that inspired us and made us fall in love with these beautiful games all over again and again. *Kudos to the petrocup team for providing such a brilliant platform and exposure to the first timers like us by having this great level of competition which is definitely not possible without the participation of sports geniuses from all the colleges and their indomitable spirits.* We had good food, late night mischiefs/pranks, fun and cooked and packed to home sweet-sour contented memories.

One last thing I would like to say – While you play, make most of it cause…one-daySo here’s a shout-out to the Petrocup, participating teams, winners and learns!
Keep playing !!

– Karnavee S. Kamdar

Few Days Far from the Concrete Jungle

When you are tired of traffic in the city, when you are tired of people around you, when you need a break from work and need some refreshment there is no better place than the lap of mother nature. When we are talking about nature the first thing that comes in our mind is obviously a Jungle. That’s when I decided to visit Serengeti located in Tanzania, east Africa.

I went to Africa in mid-august to visit Serengeti and some other parts of Tanzania. But the main attraction was African Savannah. When we were entering in the park who knew that this was going to be one of the best experiences in life. Just by entering in the park we could see zebras, deers and giraffes roaming here and there as we see stray dogs in India.



Serengeti kept showing us wonders of nature. Next what we saw was never imagined, a pool full of hippopotami.


We saw some amazing animals for the first time in life.



As we were moving ahead, we were exploring awesomeness of nature and then we saw the main attraction of Africa, the African Lion walking our way blocking the road.


After seeing this amazing view as we were heading towards our accommodation we had to face the traffic same as city. But this traffic was not like city, not noisy, not tiring but much more amusing than you can imagine. It was the traffic of Elephants.


We reached accommodation by nightfall. And night was even more amazing under thousands of stars which usually hides behind lights in the city. View of milky way was astonishing.


On next day after breakfast as we went to explore more about this amazing world, Serengeti gifted us best memory. A live Cheetah hunt. We saw not only cheetah but cubs also.


Now the only disappointing thing was, even after roaming for two whole days we didn’t see any male lion. But this time Serengeti had a special plan of not disappointing us. Serengeti showed us group of lions.



And this is how I ended my trip to Serengeti. It was like seeing Discovery channel live. I personally recommend all nature lovers to experience the wildlife in Serengeti once in life time. I wish I could stay there in nature for few more days far away from artificial things, far away from the concrete jungle in a jungle.

– Pranam Lashkari

IIMUN-Lok Sabha

INDIAN INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS was an experience worth having.It was a three day event in which I was a member of parliament(Lok Sabha).

There was an opening ceremony on the first day in which a chief guest from Philippines addressed us and answered various questions of ours.

Then came the day when the actual committee started.Each session was lasted for two and a half hour.In the first session we were explained the rules of procedure and had our introductory speeches and a moderated caucus.Then there was lunch break.In the afternoon session we had been discussing about Demonetization through moderated and unmoderated caucuses and the best part was the challenge that felt like a real debate.We banged benches shouted and debated as if we were in the actual Lok Sabha. A friend of mine in the opposite party did challenge me and we had a good debate.Then the committee was adjourned for high tea.


MPs in action

In the break also be were supposed to lobby around and convince others to be on our side and that was where real politics started.In the next session that is the evening session we were supposed to work on the working paper and present it to the chair.Working paper is basically a list of issues we discussed through the day.After that few were shortlisted and discussed in the committee.And then the committee was adjourned for the day.

A DJ party was organized by the organizers where we danced and had fun even though we were really tired.

The committee gathered up again the next day.Today we were supposed to pass a resolution that we call a bill in Lok Sabha. We lobbied hard and successfully convinced all others to join us and made a bill together which passed.Then we had a motion of entertainment and had fun there too.

Finally the goal of MUN was achieved and then we had a closing ceremony in which awards were given and the conference was over.

It was a really good exposure where we learnt new things, met new people and gained confidence.I would really like to take part in the next MUN.



-Charmi Bhadja

13 Reasons Why

_20170213_225156” You can’t ◼ the future. You can’t ⏪ the past. The only way to learn the secret… is to press ▶. ”

Published in 2007, 13 Reasons Why is a young adult fiction by author, Jay Asher. It is one of the most critically well acclaimed books. Even after a decade, it is tugging into the heartstrings of people from all over the world.
” And in the middle of the room, one desk to the left, will be the desk of Hannah Baker. Empty. “
Th mood of the book is set with this line itself.
The story starts with Clay Jensen, a high school boy receiving a package when he returns home from school. The package contains 13 cassettes recorded by his ex-classmate and his crush, Hannah Baker. Hannah had committed suicide 2 weeks earlier. She had recorded the 13 reasons why she had taken such a huge decision of ending her life. Since Clay received the tapes, he is one of them. Now he has to listen to the tapes and find out what exactly happened to Hannah.
While some might think it is a very sad book, there are so many who appreciated the theme of the story and found it inspiring. We interact with so many people everyday. Friends, family, strangers etc. Do we really know them well? Mental health is not something we casually discuss about. People always tend to be in denial with the fact that they might be putting way more burden on their minds than they should. Depression has become common amongst us. We might not discuss about it but in the kind of lifestyle we follow, it’s bound to be there. Important thing to remember is that it is never about a single life changing experience. It results due to all those little things we ignore. We might plead for help through our actions but how many people really notice such signs? It’s high time people discussed their problems without any embarrassment.
Jay Asher has penned the story in the same way. He has discussed all those little incidents of Hannah’s life that broke her and led to her suicide. Sure suicide is not supposed to be the ultimate solution but the central idea of the story is that we should try and help people going through such tough phases. Most importantly we should take care of our actions for our actions might be temporary but their consequences are permanent. Never underestimate the power and influence your words and actions have on the lives of others. You may think your individual actions are isolated and not a big deal, but everything is connected and carries power.
” You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re not messing with just that part. Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part of a person’s life, you’re messing with their entire life. “
A series is being adapted from this book under the same name with Selena Gomez as the executive producer. It will be telecasted on Netflix on March 31, 2017.
Below is the link to the teaser and also a few shots released by Netflix :
-Mansi Ambalam

Battlefield 1

Yo! Yo! everyone. Welcome you all to the gaming arcade. Myself, Gofran is now reviewing Battlefield 1.So here we go.

After a long time of absence, the Battlefield franchise is back with Battlefield 1.Battlefield 1 is developed by DICE and published by EA.DICE has made a daring choice to take us back in time to World War. It is a war based action game. It was released in October 21, 2016 and released for all the three platform PC, Xbox & Play-station. Battlefield franchise is famous for their multiplayer game-play comparatively with COD and CS:GO. Although you have to buy the original game in order to play multiplayer, recently CPY has released Battlefield 1 crack. It was EA first who made a deal with Denuvo to protect their game from being cracked. But now a days CPY cracked all the latest Denuvo based games. Coming to the game-play, following to the earlier version EA made the realistic single player session the have ever made. That’s the good news for legit gamers. There goes a very common phrase ” Play The Objective”  and this is why Battlefield is different from others. Kill Death Ratio(KD) & Kill Streak doesn’t matter at all. What matters is how objective is the playing, how they react at leader’s command, object capture and that’s why you paid around 3.5K Rupees for Battlefield 1.You can play also with your integrated graphics also that’s EA for you. Battlefield 1 is nominated in almost all the categories for Game of The Year award given by Games Awards. So don’t be late to check what is waiting for you in Battlefield 1.Peace.

-Nurul Gofran


Nokia is back with a Bang!

The first Nokia android phone has got tremendous response in china market.Nokia has announced it’s first android device Nokia 6.According to Chinese media reports Nokia smartphones have record breaking flash sales. But according to HMD Global, which owns rights to the Nokia brand, has now clarified that the Nokia 6 wasn’t being sold via JD.com following flash sales model. HMD Global wrote to Nokia Power User clarifying that the Nokia 6 is selling too quickly giving an impression that it may be available under flash sale model. “Actually we have been updating the inventory on JD.com more than 3 times but those were usually gone within minutes or hours, so that’s why you have the impression that we were doing flash sales,” said the HMD Global team.In China Nokia is rocking big time.Now let us see the revised features of Nokia 6.



With the arrival of Nokia 6, consumers will see superior craftsmanship and design quality in action. It takes 55 minutes to machine a single Nokia 6 from a solid block of 6000 series aluminium. It then receives two separate anodizing processes, taking over ten hours to complete, with each phone being polished in no less than five times. The end result is an aluminium uni-body with the highest level of visual and structural quality.

Delivering quality to the core, the Nokia 6 display has a bright hybrid in-cell 5.5” screen with full HD resolution and incredible colour reproduction wrapped in 2.5D Gorilla Glass. The display stack is laminated together with a polarizer layer enabling excellent sunlight readability and slim form. The build is completed with the latest generation Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 430 processor with X6 LTE modem designed for excellent battery life and superior graphics performance.

The Nokia 6 has 4GB RAM and 64GB storage to run the latest version of Android Nougat and is packed with entertainment to bring to life the latest that Android has to offer. The dual amplifiers deliver a 6 dB louder sound than a regular amp, giving higher voice, deeper bass and unmatched clarity. Dolby Atmos creates powerful, moving audio that seems to flow all around users. The Nokia 6 packs a 16MP phase detection auto focus rear camera for sharp detailed pictures, and an 8MP front camera. The f/2.0 aperture lenses and exclusive camera UI with automatic scene detection make it easy to take great shots every time.

These are some features of Nokia 6, it is priced at 1699 CNY in China. If we convert into India rupees it will be approximately 17000 Rupees.Still the HMD team have not confirmed the release date in India but we have to see the response Nokia will get in India.In  India, Nokia Symbian phones rule the market.The Nokia windows phone let the game over in smartphone market in 2015.At this point according to price and features the Nokia gives tough competition to other android phones. The main thing will it gain back it’s trust and service which was the best from Nokia.The mobile world congress (MWC) will be important for Nokia.New smartphones will be announced in Mobile World congress in Barcelona which will be held on 27 February 2017.

Source: http://www.hmdglobal.com/

-Jay Lodhiya

Timeless Tales…

Days go in and out, Nights go in and out,
Time passes slow as much as you live in doubt.
Remove the time, and comes in the free frames,
Nurture it, tame it, and play the endless games.

Heaven and Hell, now become vacant places
Clocks and pendulum with no tick-tock spaces.
With an immortal life and the tastiest spice,
Comes the coldest flame and hottest ice.

Emerging miracles from the flowers and petals
Rhythm and music sounding from warring metals.
With no time into existence, is no love no hate,
Yet has the death with an everlasting prints of fate.

Future with uncertainties and past with answers,
Without this ‘time’, we all are the jolly dancers.
No routine to follow, no schedule to catch-up,
Nulls the breakups and the health check-up.

Light years away from the worldly matters,
Light years ahead from the world that shatters,
Resides the oceanic Eternity
With the deadlocked infinities.

Inescapable the Time’s imagination and image,
Time captures us all in its deadly suffocating cage.
Peek-a-boo with time in measures,
And it reveals out all the treasures!

-Miral Shah



Rajkot Marathon 2017 was jointly organised by the RMC and Rajkot city police. Commissioner of police Anupamsinh Gehlot is the chairman of the organising committee.

The famous leading personalities of Rajkot have taken up the responsibility in the conduction of the event on that day.  The famous cricketer- Cheteshwar Pujara has been nominated the Brand Ambassador for Rajkot Marathon. The Marathon is divided into six categories-Full Marathon of 42 kms, Half Marathon of 21 kms, Dream Run of 10 kms, Rangeela Rajkot Run for 5 kms., Senior Citizen Run for 2.5 kms and Special Run for 1 km. Different committees have been formed for the same who will be looking after the smooth functioning of the event from Registration to Execution.

The previous edition was a half-marathon and around 37,000 people had participated in it. Pani, who is joint chairman of organising committee of the Rajkot Marathon 2017, said that 299 people have registered for the full marathon, 2,292 for the half-marathon and 4,571 for the 10-km long Dream Run. The bulk of registrations — 54,739 — were done for the Rangeela Rajkot Run, a non-competitive 5-km run. Besides 569 senior citizens, 1,124 differently-abled have also sent their entries.

And as expected the crowd also came out in large numbers on cool Sunday morning. The atmosphere was electrifying with various types of entertainment that kept motivating the participants. Lots of selfie’s taken and as they say no event is complete for Gujju’s without garba.

MANJU YADAV, a 23-year-old woman from Bhopal, outpaced two international women athletes and pre-race favourites to clinch the title in half-marathon at the Rajkot Marathon, 2017 even other Indian racers also made their way on the leader-boards dominated by Kenyans and Ethiopians, in Rajkot on Sunday. Powered by a solid start, Yadav steamed home in 1 hour, 19 minutes, 50 seconds as crowd cheered her near the finish line at the Athletics Ground in Race Course of Rajkot. Hargewoin Mengistu Tirunehe, the pre-race favourite from Ethiopia, with a career best timing of 1:33 hours, and Brigid Jereno Kimitwai of Kenya, the first runner-up here last year, kept their pace with Yadav for most part of the race. However, they faded away in the last stretch of the race as Yadav found the extra drive to keep going.

On her way to winning the title of women’s half marathon in Rajkot, Yadav also set a new race record. Her timing of 1:19:56 is 93 seconds off the mark of 1:20:43 set by Estegenet Mola Zegeye of Ethiopia at the inaugural Rajkot Marathon in 2016.

In men’s category, Hosea Anesomuk Nailel of Kenya bagged the top honours by coming home in 1:06:55, pipping Ethiopian rival Habtamu Tsema Chukala and compatriot Vincent Kiprotich Koech. Hosea said that the victor was sweet after finishing fourth at Pune International Marathon last Sunday (29-01-2017) where he had run full marathon, but had preferred to run half-marathon here. But his timing was around three minutes more than 1:04:02 mark set by Simion Kiplagat of Kenya here last year.

But sanity prevailed in full marathon, which the city was hosting for the first time, as Kenyans and Ethiopians bagged top honours. Gladys Jepkechei Tarus of Kenya won the women’s title as she rallied home in 2:44:07 and was followed by Brtukan Adeba Berihun of Ethiopia, who finished the race in 2:45:24.

In the men’s full marathon, Kenya’s Philip Yiego Kipkurgat faced tough competition from fellow Kenyan Edwin Cheruiyot Rutto. Initially, Rutto was leading but 37-year-old Kipkurgat overtook him after 25 km. The younger Rutto kept pace with the leader, but Kipkurgat edged him at the finish line and came home in 2:19:54. Rutto crossed the line three seconds later.


Bhopal woman wins Rajkot half-marathon


-Dhruv Samani


Retirement is a word not loved by any sportsman, also it is hated by their fans because they won’t be able to see their favorite player play.  Football world is seeing three of the biggest retirements of this generation. Philipp Lahm and Frank Lampard  have announced their retirement.

  • Frank Lampard:


A Chelsea fan would never forget one from their hearts “Frank Lampard”. He started his career at West Ham United. Chelsea was the place where he found glory. Sorry sorry “Glory found him”. He made 648 appearance in Chelsea shirt. The Blues all-time record goalscorer, took to Instagram on Thursday to announce his decision, as he eyes a move into coaching. He left MLS side New York City FC at the end of 2016, after a glistening career in which he won 106 England caps, won three English titles, four FA Cups and the 2012 Champions League, as well as a host of other team and personal honours. Lampard had fielded offers from the Premier League over a possible return to the English game in the last month, but questioned whether he had the desire to get involved in a relegation scrap after a career largely spent challenging for trophies.

“After 21 incredible years, I have decided that now is the right time to finish my career as a professional footballer, whilst I have received a number of exciting offers to continue playing at home and abroad, at 38 I feel now is the time to begin the next chapter in my life. I’m immensely proud of the trophies I’ve won, of representing my country over 100 times and of scoring more than 300 career goals,” declared Lampard.

  • Philipp Lahm:


A player who can play on both sides of the pitch, having qualities like versatility, tactical intelligence, pace, stamina, and precise tackling is backbone of the team. Phillip Lahm is one such player. On top of that his leadership is quite remarkable. He has captained both Bayern Munich and Germany. He was the captain of the 2014 World Cup winning Germany team. With Munich he won Champions League as part of a treble in 2013. German publication SportBild reported the news just before Bayern’s DFB Pokal game on Tuesday – 7th Feb., 2017, and Lahm said it was true after his side’s 1-0 win over Wolfsburg. In his final few months, Lahm is aiming for a record-equalling eighth Bundesliga title after earning his 500th club appearance on 4th Feb., 2017 – Saturday against Schalke. “I’ve told the Bayern officials that I’m retiring from playing at the end of the season. It’s clear to me that I’m going to retire. I said over a year ago that you’ve got to always check and ask yourself, how are you training and how you are feeling. I’m sure that I can deliver top performances until the end of the season, but no longer than that,” Lahm stated to a reporter.

It is really sad that fans would no longer be able to enjoy their game. We would miss Lahm’s clearance, Gerrard’s stunner and Lampard’s free kicks. Above all their love and respect for the game and their fans would always make them the “Immortal”.

-Bhavin Soneji