Moment when her eyelids rose
Just like the curtain goes
off In the theater
I came to watch the play
of the multi verse in there
And found my lost glory in
Bowed down pose

-Chinmay Joshi


Off the Fear

Take off the hood of bloody fear
Get your self off your schedule once
Bring those eyes under Mooney sky
Let them reflect the booming stars
And the shooting ones would astray u
Go round the constellations
Bring some dust from the nebula
Taste it like you did in childhood
Follow the smell of eternity
Puff it till your lungs blows off
And return it to where it belonged
Master to hunt the light from galaxies
Pour it into the glass of your choice
Gulp it up all and get your view blurred
Wish we could just take that hood off

-Chinmay Joshi


I saw you and the pink
Got forced to bother the ink
Ubiquitous presence of that aroma
Soothed and pampered my trauma
Every touch from you it felt
As if a chocolate shyly melt
I, one wave rushed and kissed your name
The shore and sand sadly lost the fame
I believe you got that silent current
That impulsed my beats, attraction
Defeated my control in tranquil hunt
Profound misery rattled my head
If she goes past, you would be dead
Its not so clear and simple I thought

Let me check the marks of her cast and creed
My beautiful society don’t believe in emotions and sensation
But I glad it does in threads, marks, and other absurd creations
So it been just one special day
She than never appeared to my dismay

-Chinmay Joshi

Timeless Tales…

Days go in and out, Nights go in and out,
Time passes slow as much as you live in doubt.
Remove the time, and comes in the free frames,
Nurture it, tame it, and play the endless games.

Heaven and Hell, now become vacant places
Clocks and pendulum with no tick-tock spaces.
With an immortal life and the tastiest spice,
Comes the coldest flame and hottest ice.

Emerging miracles from the flowers and petals
Rhythm and music sounding from warring metals.
With no time into existence, is no love no hate,
Yet has the death with an everlasting prints of fate.

Future with uncertainties and past with answers,
Without this ‘time’, we all are the jolly dancers.
No routine to follow, no schedule to catch-up,
Nulls the breakups and the health check-up.

Light years away from the worldly matters,
Light years ahead from the world that shatters,
Resides the oceanic Eternity
With the deadlocked infinities.

Inescapable the Time’s imagination and image,
Time captures us all in its deadly suffocating cage.
Peek-a-boo with time in measures,
And it reveals out all the treasures!

-Miral Shah

Descending of Ember

Tenth month it is, says all of the History,

But nobody is interested to fall into its mystery.

Surely, history can be wrong, can be right,

After all its just inheritance from all the write.


Taking into consideration the weather and climate,

Season it is, for animals to find their mate and mate.

For some, it is the hibernation time,

And for the rest it is the jingles to rhyme.


Less of day light and more of dark nights with twinkling stars,

Makes it more beautiful than two Mooned view from Mars.

Countless sparkles, and cuddled cosy nights under the blanket,

Chilly winds with the childlike drifts over the white water jacket.


Steamy dinners, food smoking out your lust for appetite, 

Will surely take you in reverse direction of planned diet.

The month with gifts from the man in red with beard white,

The month wherein the whole world is lit up by light.


The family gatherings near the fireplace and giggles,

The after dinner snacks and some rhyming jingles.

December is actually the “Descending of the Ember”

For the fire gives you warmth from their inner harbor!.

-Miral Shah

“The Poem of Life”

Life is not static-its dynamic,

it is not a fistful of water in

the pond but a bucketful of


Life is not just a dry leaf detached

but a million buds still to grow.

Life is not just a window open,

but a butterfly flying into and

flatter by your side.


Learn from life,

And it would never be just enough.


– Aishwarya Pillai

Missing Link

Mighty continuous chain made up of small packs,

Arranged alike the books in all the racks.

The source of knowledge, knowledge of experiences,

Information leaks out, and the live clenches.


Into the old world, where letters are chats.

Into the new world, where bombs are nuclear jets.

A small link, having larger impact,

Was made the life’s defect.


Running after the easy material than difficult abstract,

Was running for doomsday, to be exact.

Targeting short jumps than longer leaps,

Was targeting the heart monitors to go off – beep.


A life, the most precious of all that can be obtained,

Do nothing worth history, definitely makes it blot stained.

A couple decades until the old age with those wrinkle fold,

A couple years until the four limbs at the home crawled.


Link to all is, there’s only one life, one chance,

It’s not to stand idle, but till the last-breath dance.

Heart and Brain, Soul and Mind, the Missing Links,

Complete the puzzled life, before the permanent Time-out blinks!

-Miral Shah