Right from the time we start our Engineering, we aim for working with MNCs with a handsome package. Well, as we know the journey is not a Limo ride!! So here are some prerequisite steps that we need to take based on the general recruitment procedures that most of the companies follow.  




Being so fascinated by 3 idiots we engineers would keep on saying our favorite line “skills matter and marks don’t”. Yes it’s true but sadly we have to follow the system.  Most of the companies don’t allow you to appear for the first round itself if your CGPA is below 7. So if you’re below that then there’s no way you can appear for the recruitment procedure.(unless you hack into their system and get yourself enrolled! Just kidding..Please DON’T!).  


  • Aptitude and Reasoning


The first filtering round consists of MCQs that include quant, verbal, critical reasoning and all sort of logical questions that test your problem solving skills in given limited time. The most important thing here is to figure out how many “correct” questions you can attempt in less time. Most of the candidates can’t attempt all the questions but making the correct question choice and investing your time for that is what matters. Although it sounds easy, trust me you’re going to require a lot of practice.  I know it’s tough to prepare for these along with all the assignments and stuff that we are compelled to do. But a little effort everyday will easily help you prepare for this. The Struggle is Real but so are the fruits!


  • Group Discussion


Working with groups is perhaps the most important parameter of career success. So these are the four main areas tested in your GD:


  • Content: It is misunderstood with “memorizing facts and figures”. But it’s all about knowledge, logical arguments and in depth understanding of various issues.
  • Communication skills: It  is a two-way process, and here the role of the listener is critical. Unless you listen to others, you cannot figure out whether he or she has understood you and so the points you make may not fit in with points made by others. You also need the ability to: Express your ideas in a clear and concise manner, Build on others’ points and Sum up the discussion made by the entire group.
  •  Group dynamics: It tests your behavior as well as your influence on the group. Formal language and mutual respect are obvious requirements. You should be willing to listen and discuss various points of view and avoid taking strong views in beginning. In case you disagree with someone, it has to be polite and it is preferable to put forward your point of view politely in such cases. It should not be a direct attack or look like more of a dispute rather than a discussion.
  • Leadership: One of the most common misconceptions about leadership is that it is all about controlling the group. But actually it’s all about giving direction to the group in terms of content. Initiating the discussion and suggesting a path on which the group can continue to discuss are core points of evaluating leadership qualities.
  • Interview: Leaving the best of us trembling with nerves!


Basically there are two types of interviews. One is technical and the other is HR.

Technical interview:

  • It is conducted to assess your technical ability, usually related to the technical knowledge required for the role and the organization you wish to work for.
  • Some questions might focus less on technical knowledge, more on how you think. This might involve being asked a few brainteasers or undertaking a numerical reasoning test.
  • They’ll be looking at how articulate and personable you are and how well you can explain and analyze things. They’re not only looking for a correct answer, but how you reach that answer. They might be testing your reasoning and analytical skills, as well as whether you can think laterally and creatively.
  • Another thing they might be assessing is how well you handle pressure. When faced with a difficult question, do you crumble under the pressure or can you rise above the challenge is how they evaluate you.
  • PRO TIP: At the end of the interview, you might want to ask the interviewer the answer to the question or how THEY might have solved the problem. If anything, it shows a willingness to learn.

HR interview:

Here they judge you as a person. It is estimated that 80% of the interview is made up of behavioral questions. There is a common set of questions included and here is a link where you can go through them.

 The most common question asked in a interview is “Tell me something about yourself”. It is pretty obvious that you can’t speak for more than few minutes. But the trick here is to end your answer at a point from which you expect the question. In most of the cases the interviewer picks up the last lines you said and asks questions related to it. So act smart!

It is advisable to prepare basic points on all the common questions that are asked prior to the interview. This might help you answer with more confidence.

So these were the general steps involved in recruitments along with preferable approach to deal with them. All the best!!

-Ruchika Joshi


Science v/s Technology

It’s no more about Science and Technology, now it’s all about Science versus Technology. We all want great speeds, fast downloads, least space occupied on storage devices irrespective of the number of files and no network drops. Here are some facts before you head on your path to being the fastest. Name it Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G networks, all emit some or the other electromagnetic waves which affect the brain and body when over exposed.

Being connected to the Internet always, surrounded by it throughout the day, affects the body adversely. The more the technology develops now, the more science will have to speed up to save the humans from becoming victims of unknown, omnipresent disease. Surrounded by computers/laptops is not an issue and never was, the real issue tunes in when there comes Wireless technology. Backaches, less physical strength can still be overcome and can be cured within the short time and existing sciences, but the brain damages, damages done to cellular level by the wireless technologies, cure for that has been under the development since decades.

There are a few devices too that help minimize the harmful effects of the EMF’s, such as EMF Adapter (Source – ). There are researchers and scientists developing tools and equipment for the long life of humans, but not all have the knowledge of the harmful effects of the high speed we lust for. Also the companies say and show proofs that their cellular network service is completely safe and harmful, but the main question is – “Would they be responsible of any and every effect on any human/customer faces? Would they completely take up all and every responsibility of all the causes?

And this is just a starting of the unstoppable, hidden, omnipresent disease. If we don’t take steps now, there won’t be any steps to take later. The aim here is not about to stop using the Internet and stop being the fastest, it’s all about how safe are we while being the fastest! Surely, everyone loves being the fastest, sending and receiving the information fastest, but then what’s the use of this speed if it leads to our own and our loved one’s deathbeds?

Technology has developed sufficiently now, and we are way too advanced than we were before a decade, now it’s time for Science to advance too, as humans can live long and live in harmony when it’s “Science AND Technology” and not “Science versus Technology”.

Give a thought about it!

While racing with time, let’s not loose ourselves!

We all have the ability to think, a point of view for everything we see, understand and go through which ultimately builds our perspective and our ideology. With the ever-changing time, we are so occupied in our work that we often loose some of those strings of our thoughts, beliefs to such an extent that they may get outdated, rust, fade away or may exist but are buried deep inside our minds. They are in there but since we haven’t refreshed, it’s all vague. We all are familiar to the quote –

“Watch your thoughts, they become words;
watch your words, they become actions;
watch your actions, they become habits;
watch your habits, they become character;
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

So, Clarity of thoughts is the most important thing as it defines us – reflects who we actually are!

8th March, 2017 – International Women’s Day

So, on this occasion – our NewsWrap club took up a challenge of reloading, refreshing, rethinking, recreating and recording our thoughts on the theme #beboldforchange. No, we did not organize an essay writing or video making competition if that was what came on your mind while reading this.

We setup our corner with empty, blank posters, pack of sticky notes and pens. We invited all our faculties and students and all they had to do was – express themselves by writing their views, thoughts, quotes, whatever that struck their minds for women’s day. And there you see flows the stream of thoughts –

“If I’m writing something and there’s going to be my name beneath it than of course it has to be good after all it’s written by me!” – we all think the similar way, don’t we? It was that explicit call that had the ability to reinforce clarity in our minds. And after all it was a small sticky note that was to be filled, no one would actually deny to spare that much time 😉

As a result, there was an overwhelming response as u can see it in pictures below –

We heartily thank everyone for being there, for giving your time and for being yourself!

And lastly a small message for all the girls out there –

Life is a journey and we are uncertain about when it ends. So, let’s live life the way we want, the way we dream.

Our elders task is to guide us, to direct us in the direction “they” think that is best for us. But what if our thoughts differ?? We respect them, we know that they are our well-wishers but what if – what they are saying is not the way we thought our life would be or should be!

If you are right, what you do is right then why hesitate to take your stand.


-Karnavee S. Kamdar


Hello people,

Today, I am not writing any book reviews or the usual stuff I write. This very piece of writing comes from my passion for clothing.

There are no patriotic days around the corner but let’s still celebrate India. Talking about celebrating India with my passion, here are two beautiful techniques of decorating natural materials which have fascinated me and led me to buy them eventually in this age where people are obsessed about crop-tops and skirts.

  • Hand Block Printing


Hand block printing is one of the three main techniques used for fabric decoration. Skilled artisans carve the required design into hard wood to make the blocks, which are the essential tools for printing. These blocks are dipped sequentially into a dye bath and stamped onto the fabric with skilled precision. A separate block is used for each color; some fabrics may have as many as 500 block repeats in one meter of fabric!

  • Chikankari


Chikankari is the fine and intricate embroidery traditionally done using white untwisted yarn on white muslin fabric. The word chikan comes from the Persian word chakeen meaning the rendering of delicate patterns on fabric. These patterns and motifs are generally floral or geometric with exquisite delicacy of detail, lending it a light, gossamer-like quality. The stitches are unique and of three categories- Flat stitches, which are delicate, subtle and lie close to the surface of the fabric; Embossed stitches, highlighted from the fabric surface, lending it a characteristic grainy texture and Jali work, which creates a delicate net effect.

P.S. If you guys like this article do give it a thumbs up and leave comments which would indirectly encourage me to write more on the same.

-Shivani Shah



IIMUN-Lok Sabha

INDIAN INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS was an experience worth having.It was a three day event in which I was a member of parliament(Lok Sabha).

There was an opening ceremony on the first day in which a chief guest from Philippines addressed us and answered various questions of ours.

Then came the day when the actual committee started.Each session was lasted for two and a half hour.In the first session we were explained the rules of procedure and had our introductory speeches and a moderated caucus.Then there was lunch break.In the afternoon session we had been discussing about Demonetization through moderated and unmoderated caucuses and the best part was the challenge that felt like a real debate.We banged benches shouted and debated as if we were in the actual Lok Sabha. A friend of mine in the opposite party did challenge me and we had a good debate.Then the committee was adjourned for high tea.


MPs in action

In the break also be were supposed to lobby around and convince others to be on our side and that was where real politics started.In the next session that is the evening session we were supposed to work on the working paper and present it to the chair.Working paper is basically a list of issues we discussed through the day.After that few were shortlisted and discussed in the committee.And then the committee was adjourned for the day.

A DJ party was organized by the organizers where we danced and had fun even though we were really tired.

The committee gathered up again the next day.Today we were supposed to pass a resolution that we call a bill in Lok Sabha. We lobbied hard and successfully convinced all others to join us and made a bill together which passed.Then we had a motion of entertainment and had fun there too.

Finally the goal of MUN was achieved and then we had a closing ceremony in which awards were given and the conference was over.

It was a really good exposure where we learnt new things, met new people and gained confidence.I would really like to take part in the next MUN.



-Charmi Bhadja

‘Pareewartann within me’

‘Pareewartann’! Spells quite different haan! That’s what it is. Basically it is an Charity Organization which has been started by a posse of students (of our college) about 3 years back. It was introduced to me in the very first year of college but it sounded much like a typical ‘NGO’ so, I’d skipped that bit but later it turned out to be a major part of my career. I joined it in the 3rd semester so it has been almost two years. It’s not only about mollifying the society with your enormous conciliatory efforts, it’s all about exploring yourself, it’s all about learning how capable you are in front of challenges, how compatible you are with people, how ready you are to crack abstruse deals on your own. I was basically the member of the creative department which is actually the Pathfinder of executing our activities amidst the all 5 departments ( Finance, Recruitment, Research, IT cell, Creatives).Now I am on H.R. Executive post. Until becoming a member of creative department, I didn’t know how possible it is for me to draw the posters in A1 sized drawing sheets, how to paint walls, how to come up with very own ideas on instant notes, how to develop some guts to talk to authorities, how to promote your own work ,how to embolden your organization as well as your colleagues, how to manage the money, how to calm yourself in bizarre situations…there are ample of ‘how to’s I can come up with, but at the end what matters is how to nurture your own self and your society.

Giving education to underprivileged children, donating clothes and food to vagrants or tramps, making people aware about traffic sense and cleanliness, taking care of people’s health are the activities we do.

Notwithstanding this but it has been really helpful in exploring my own self.

May be you won’t believe but you need to crack the interview before joining this organisation. Well, I did it pretty well.. 😉

I have always been attracted to writing but I have never thought that I could cover up these many areas. My territory was circumscribed but now after writing something for almost each ‘not my type’ topic, I can see how the things have changed, how grown up I am in this discipline. I wrote the write ups for different national and international days. I wrote condign amount of captions related to our each activity. Even the budget script of any organisation is no longer an unknown field for me. I improved in each possible way and now I am starting my own page very soon on Facebook as well as Instagram which will contain my short stories …it would be of 2-3 lines with bunch of emotions, sarcasms, ironies, and every possible thing that affects us profoundly. That’s what ‘Pareewartann’ has taught me -‘to explore yourself.’ and I am really grateful for this. At some places, amongst some people, ‘Pareewartann’ is like my ‘catchphrase’ and I am honoured to have it.

Thank you so much!

Here is the link to my page:

-Palak Chatwani (6th CE)

IIMUN – “Where Delegates make peace”

IIMUN – Indian International Model United Nations is a total simulation of United Nations where committees like UNSC – United Nations Security Council, ILO – International Labour Organization, UNGA – United Nations General Assembly, ICJ – International Court of Justice, ECOSOC – United Nations Economic and Social Council, etc., work on Global peace by establishing friendly relations with all member nations. IIMUN conducted its first ever conference of the Rajkot Chapter in Delhi Public School, last month where it had included committees like UNSC, ILO and  Indian Parliamentary Committee for the discussions and debates on agendas like “CYBER WAR” and “DEMONITIZATION”.

I, Devang Sheth, student of Mechanical Engineering would like to share my experience about IIMUN conference. Initially, I wasn’t having any idea about IIMUN conference but when I saw its Facebook page for its First Ever Rajkot Chapter, it very well interested me as it included a lot of discussion and debates on given agendas as mentioned above. It was very surprising to know that the whole event was organized by junior college students from Mumbai and it was a great platform for beginners to showcase their vocal powers by which a youth can change his/her surrounding by maintaining total peace and integrity for all. This IIMUN conference has definitely given a boost to my confidence by speaking in front of different people and representing my point of view amidst theirs and have also learnt a skill to convince people to vote for me at the passing of resolution. A resolution is basically a properly predefined set of  rules which are decided by all member nations of UN and it has to be followed by all member nations in every situation.

Me and my colleague, Shivani Shah represented ourselves as delegates of Malaysia for the UNSC – United Nation Security Council which is a non-permanent member of UNSC. UNSC includes 5 permanent member nations and 15 non-permanent nations. This IIMUN Rajkot chapter’s main agenda was on “Cyber War” and it demanded discussion and debates on how to overcome this situation and establish cyber peace with all the member nations and not to interfere in anyone’s cyber space. The UNSC Committee, at the end of 5 intense discussion sessions, came up with proper resolutions to overcome this situation by taking a proper majority of member nations for the passing of resolution and then the bill is implemented and the law framed.

The main idea behind any IIMUN conference is to show the world, what an Indian youth feels for the international issues and foreign policies of India with member nations and how to overcome existing problems with member nations by showcasing their oratory skills to the entire world.

It was a great learning experience working with my colleague, Shivani Shah, ,my partner delegate. Along with that, the other member nation colleagues helped me representing myself as an international delegate with all the mannerism to be showed at that point of time. From my experience, I would request all the readers to participate in upcoming IIMUN’s and showcase their skills and learn new things about world politics and meet new people.

-Devang Sheth

Marathon Mania!

Rajkot, the commercial capital of Saurashtra region, held its first full marathon on February 5, 2017, with thousands of citizens participating in the grand event organized jointly by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) and Rajkot city police.

Let’s have a look at what the youth of this city has to say.

Marathon was exultant, people felt triumphant and environment was elegant …it seemed like a new incarnation of the town. I think Rajkotians are quite ready for new breathtaking adventures as well.

                                                                                                                        ~ Palak Chatwani

I didn’t go for the marathon but I do feel left.
Like everyone was posting photos and talking about how much fun it was.
I even saw videos of an old man dancing really well and enjoying the atmosphere.
I think it was really good that almost everyone took part in it and enjoyed.

                                                                                                                        ~ Anjali Balchandani

I participated in Rangeelu Rajkot run and it was like ‘I was there’ moment for me.

                                                                                                                        ~ Dhruv Samani

I guess I missed something one of a kind. The marathon fervor was all out in the city which enjoys its Sunday morning to the fullest.

                                                                                                                        ~ Shivani Shah

Marathon, where runners heat up themselves and take joy of completing the run with tremendous energy and will. Early morning on 5th Feb, I didn’t gear up for the marathon which I regret pretty much.

                                                                                                                        ~ Karan Kharecha

I wanted to go for the marathon but I had to go outside. When my all friends went for the marathon I felt bad.

                                                                                                                        ~ Mishil  Patel

Yes they sleep till 4 pm but when it was about the pride of the city, 63 thousand of them woke up at 4 am making it India’s biggest and Asia’s second biggest marathon. Rangeelu Rajkot they say!

                                                                                                                        ~ Yash Doshi

I missed the marathon because of a family function. I am sure it might have been wonderful experience if I had participated in it.

                                                                                                                        ~ Parth Savaliya

I was not a part, of the marathon held on 5th Feb in Rajkot. But I’m happy that I have not been a part of it. Now I’ll tell you why I’m happy?

On Sunday evening I saw few photos in some of the social media. Most of the participants did it to upload a pic on Facebook wearing a white T-shirt which will create an image of an aware citizen, and to have fun with friends on Sunday. No one was really dedicated to the main motto to keep the city clean.

Water bottles had been supplied to the participants during the marathon. As usual all the plastic bottles were found on the road. Such a picture was uploaded on Instagram which really showed that the marathon was of no use.

So sometimes it’s better not to be a part of such activities , because you forget for what the event is being held, and you create a huge mess out of it!!

                                                                                                                        ~ Aishwarya Pillai

A marathon held at Rajkot on 5th February 2017 whose purpose was to promote SWACHH BHARAT mission was very successful. That was Asia’s 2nd longest marathon. Many people participated  and so many people were aware about that. It was really a nice marathon.

                                                                                                                        ~ Meha Parekh

It was a very nice event organized in Rajkot for cleanliness and for some reason I wasn’t able to join it. I think I missed one great event.

                                                                                                                        ~ Avani Sindhav

It was really fascinating to see all the pictures and videos of Rajkot Marathon 2k17 where everyone were having a lot of fun. I guess I missed a wonderful thing and I regret it alot. I’ll make sure that I don’t miss such a wonderful thing next year!

                                                                                                                        ~ Ruchika Joshi


Equity and Equality – The Difference


The terms equity and equality are sometimes used interchangeably, which can lead to confusion because while these concepts are related, there are also important distinctions between them.

Equity, as we have seen, involves trying to understand and give people what they need to enjoy full, healthy lives. Equality, in contrast, aims to ensure that everyone gets the same things in order to enjoy full, healthy lives. Like equity, equality aims to promote fairness and justice, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same things.

Should per student funding at every school be exactly the same? That’s a question of equality. But should students who come from less get more in order to ensure that they can catch up? That’s a question of equity.
es, making sure all students have equalaccess to resources is an important goal. All students should have the resources necessary for a high-quality education. But the truth remains that some students needmore to get there.

Here’s where equity comes in. The students who are furthest behind — most often low-income students and students of color — require more of those resources to catch up, succeed, and eventually, close the achievement gap. Giving students who come to school lagging academically (because of factors outside of a school’s control) the exact same resources as students in higher income schools alone will not close the achievement gap. But making sure that low-income students and students of color have access to exceptional teachers and that their schools have the funding to provide them with the kind of high-quality education they need to succeed will continue us on the path toward narrowing that gap.

-Anjali Balchandani

My Experience – Facing the Harsh Truth

I’m an anonymous, and my this article shares one of my experience, which made me realize that the world is not as easy as it seems to us…

Now you might have started thinking that what was the experience? That made me realize the fact about life within the age of “19”. It was just a small speaking contest organized by TOI.

The first process was to tape a 1min video delivering a speech on any topic. And the last day of submission was on 17th November. As soon as a child decides to be an engineer its sure that he/she will be doing all the work at its last day. “So was I”.

I choose the most current topic ‘Demonetization of currency’. Within half an hour I mugged up few lines for the topic and at last I asked my roommate to help me to shoot the one minute video. I took this video more then 10 times, every time I would forget any of the line from it. This was the first experience which made me realize that it would be so hard to exist in this media world it took 10 shots for me to shoot a one minute video, what about a film which is been shot for 3 hours and we judge it so easily.

On 19th  I received a call, I was selected in top 100. This increased my confidence (or I should say over confidence). I collected all the latest newspaper and started reading it . I went through the current topics of group discussion (demonetization of currency, women empowerment, triple talaq ,etc).

23rd November, I reached at Hotel Imperial Palace with a bit of nervousness, a bit of confidence and a little curiosity, I  registered my name . Started to stare around, at my competitors and a thought popped in my mind (oh god where have I reached) then I built up my self-confidence.

For the next level of group discussion 100 students were divided into 10 different groups. Each group were given 20 min for the topic, one minute for each student to share their view regarding the topic the next 10 minutes was an open discussion.

My topic was “Should Gujarat remain a dry state?” from my group 4 students didn’t even speak for one minute. I got an idea about my competitors. It was like a do or die situation because you have to speak and drag others attention towards you. I tried my level best.

After 1 hour the results for top 20 were declared. I got to know that my name was not there in it, I was too disappointed. I wanted to get selected in the top 20.

I called my dad shared everything with him. He told me start ignoring two things in life, the first one is ‘I’,stop being selfish this word has an ego in it , which will never allow you to come up in life. And the second thing is ‘want’ never expect anything in life be happy with whatever you get and learn to deal with it.

This thought changed my mind, it brought a positive attitude in me. With a mentality to seek some good tricks from my top 20 competitors, I went to see the 3 minute speech, which was the next level of competition to select the top 5 students.

Listening to their speech I realized that I was standing nowhere in the race, and also realized that, by speaking good English you can never win a competition one should always have a good habit of reading, listening to good speeches, interacting with people and many more things.